Print Queue and Reprinting Items

The Cloud Commerce Pro system queues up print tasks for the Print Watch application (supplied to you by CCP) to take documents from the cloud and print them on your local printers.

The Print Queue shows the most recent documents requested to print and allows you to reprint them or transfer them to another users printer.

1. Open the Print Queue

To open the Print Queue select the Print Queue button from the main menu.

2. Unprinted Items

The Unprinted items (if there are any) are shown in the first section and have a red mark against them.

3. View the Item

You can view the item that is waiting to print by rolling over the Actions button and clicking the View button.

4. Item Display

The item will be displayed on screen.

5. Transfer job owner

Occasionally a job may have been printed by a user that is not logged in to the Print Watch software. These jobs will wait in the queue for the user to log their Print Watch desktop software in.

If another user wishes to print the job, they can login and visit the print queue and press the Transfer button which will transfer ownership of the job to them.

6. The job is transferred

You will receive a confirmation that the print job has been transferred to the logged in user on this computer. As long as they are logged in to their Print Watch software the job will now print.

7. Completed Tasks

You will see all the completed tasks marked with a green tick. These items have been successfully passed to the desktop print software (or depending on your settings printed to screen).

8. Reprint Items

You can re-print any item by pressing the “Re-Print Item”.

9. Reprint complete

The job is marked for reprinting. If the logged in user is also logged in to Print Watch desktop software the job will print immediately. If the user is not logged in the task will wait until they are in the Unprinted section.

You can also cancel jobs by pressing the cancel button if required.

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