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CG - An Introduction to the Benefits of Using ChannelGrabber
CG - An Introduction to the Benefits of Using ChannelGrabber

Learn how you can harness ChannelGrabber's powerful core features to help you save time and grow your business

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Welcome to our introductory video and guide on the benefits of managing your online business with ChannelGrabber!  In this short video I’m going to talk you through the main benefits you can achieve for your business by utilising the tools and features available within our software.

ChannelGrabber is here to made it easier and less time consuming to manage your online business.  We’re software that helps you to:  Sell more, delight your customers, increase your profit margins and save time by conquering administration.


So let’s talk about the main ways that ChannelGrabber can help you increase your sales...


Highlight where items are not selling:  By viewing your products in ChannelGrabber, you can easily see, at a glance, where each product is listed, and more importantly, where it is not yet listed!  By then listing your products to all your sales channels, you instantly increase your chances of your product being found and purchased.

Increase available stock on all channels:  You can also utilise our powerful stock management feature to share all stock for each item with all the channels where it is listed, rather than having to split stock and limit how many can be bought through each channel

Increase potential sales across a greater range of products:  eBay Selling limits got you down?  Get more of your products listed by utilising our advanced stock modes to show less stock on the channels than you really have, allowing you to list a wider variety of products and capture a greater market share



Why settle for selling one item when you can sell several to the same customer?  Create bundles, kits and multi-packs from your existing products to encourage your customers to buy more from you, therefore increasing your revenue and profits!



The better your reputation and feedback on your marketplaces, the higher up in search results your listings can be placed!  So by being a great seller, you are also increasing the chances of selling more on your listings.

Here are some ways that ChannelGrabber can help with this:

Send your orders using a tracked service through ChannelGrabber and we’ll automatically send the tracking number back to the channel so that it gets passed on to your customers.  The simple act of adding a tracking number in the first place improves your seller metrics, as well as giving enhanced protection for you if a buyer reports that something didn’t arrive.  It also provides the buyer with confidence that their item will arrive on time which will help lead to positive feedback.

The Order Process

Ask and you shall receive – feedback that is!  Not every buyer will go out of their way to leave positive feedback, so a simple and polite call to action on your invoice or notification email from ChannelGrabber can nudge the buyer towards that positive comment!  And of course, better feedback helps to secure future sales!



It’s easier to get a previous customer to buy from you again after a good experience, and when they recognise your brand, so let ChannelGrabber help you to delight your customers time and again, so that you can collect great feedback, and when customers do come back to you, make sure they are buying from the sales channel you want them to.  So how do you do that?

Deliver a great customer experience:

  • Dispatching on time using ChannelGrabber’s super-efficient order processing actions to get more orders out of the door in less time:  The Order Process

  • Deliver on time by choosing the correct courier and service - even easier when you utilise the power of our Shipping Aliases to quickly match the shipping method from the channel to the right courier and service that you want to ship with:  Shipping Aliases

  • Communicate details and updates  to customers proactively using automatic notification emails that are sent to the customer immediately once you mark an order as dispatched in ChannelGrabber, and the Message Centre, where you can reply to customer’s questions quickly and efficiently:  


Promote your company brand... creating beautiful, professional invoices that tie in with your branding and trading name on the marketplaces.  The more familiar the customer feels with your brand, the more loyal they will feel.

It’s also a great idea to encourage repeat business by using a call to action on your invoice with web link or even a discount code or special offer.

You can use this approach to drive the customer to your preferred sales channel where you can make the most profit from their order in future, for example your own webstore.



OK so here’s the big one!  Increase Profits!

What could you be doing if you weren’t bogged down with everyday admin? Source new and better products?  Find more competitive suppliers?  List more items in more places?  These are the tasks you SHOULD be focusing on to grow your business, so let ChannelGrabber help you to make time for these key business growth activities by taking over the admin!

Make better use of your staff’s time too, or even reduce the number of staff you need to run your business, therefore reducing your outgoings and maximising your profits.

By using our Shipping Aliases and making sure you’re using the right courier and service for each parcel, you can keep shipping costs to a minimum, and our Linked Orders feature automatically combines orders from the same buyer so that you can ship them together rather than as multiple parcels.

By consolidating your invoices and courier labels into integrated label paper, you can save yourself the costs of buying label printers and special label rolls, or go paperless by emailing your invoices instead and save on paper and ink costs!



In summary, we have looked into a lot of areas where ChannelGrabber can benefit your online business, and by far the biggest advantage of the system is the time it will save you from day to day, along with all the other benefits that this brings.

By grouping and processing orders using powerful bulk actions you can improve the efficiency of your order processing.

By activating stock management you can leave it up to us to keep your stock levels synced across all of your sales channels and massively reduce any risk of overselling.

By assigning and viewing/resolving messages for eBay and Amazon in ChannelGrabber you can provide timely responses to your customers, leading to greater customer satisfaction and great feedback, which in turn helps you increase sales.

By using ChannelGrabber, you and your staff only need to learn one system rather than multiple different interfaces and processes, in order to manage the business successfully.  


Ready to start reaping all these benefits for your own business?  Great, let’s get started!

Please make sure you check out our fantastic User Guides at, as they cover everything you could need to know about getting the most from your ChannelGrabber account.

If you need a bit more of a hands-on approach, you can go to our website, and click the “Book a Demo” button to arrange to speak with one of our Product Specialists at a time to suit you.

We will be adding more videos and tutorials so please check back on our YouTube channel regularly, and you can follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for regular tips, tricks and industry insights too!

We hope this has been a useful introduction to the benefits of our services.  Happy ChannelGrabbing!

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