ChannelGrabber Newsletter: November 2018

Find out about our latest development projects during November, future plans and insights into the e-commerce industry

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Published:  27th November 2018

Hello all and welcome to the November edition of the ChannelGrabber Newsletter  :)

Are you feeling festive yet?  Or just stressed to the max with all the extra orders flying in?  However you feel about Christmas, it's not far away now  ;)

As ever, we're hard at work with new feature projects as well as general infrastructure improvements, so read on to find out more about what we're working on to make life easier for you. our fabulous customers coming up to the busiest time of year and into the new year too...


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Find out about the improvements and brand new features we have been working on for you, and about our future plans for development.



Etsy Listing Import & Stock Management

Our first stage of development for our Etsy integration covered order management, as you, our lovely customers, told us that was the most important aspect for you.  We have experienced an excellent up-take of this first phase of our Etsy integration, so the demand for stock management for Etsy products has steadily grown too.  

Now that this next phase of development is complete, ChannelGrabber can now import your Etsy listings and then push stock updates out to your Etsy products (as long as the Etsy SKUs match your other channels of course) whenever you receive a new order from any channel, or make a manual stock change in CG yourself.  

Huzzah - ChannelGrabber now offers you even more value and guess what?  Still no extra fees for connecting additional sales channels  ;)

Option to Add Email Subject Lines and Email Content 

Per Marketplace

We are going to be introducing more customisation options in many parts of the system, and this one is the ability in ChannelGrabber to add/edit the subject lines for the invoice emails that we send on your behalf, as well as being able to create a different email message per account too, rather than just having one message for all sales channels.

So for example, for emails that we send to Amazon customers on your behalf, you could add "[Important]" to the subject line in CG, and that should then push the emails through to the buyer even if they have the "opt-out" setting enabled on Amazon, ensuring that they will definitely receive your email and their invoice for their order with you, and reducing any need for further admin/follow-up from your side.

This also means that you can create messages that are more relevant to each separate sales channels or site, eg. you might offer a discount code if it's a webstore email, or you might want to have emails in the national language of the site that you received the order from, eg. Amazon D, FR, IT and ES.

Find out more about how to achieve this in our guide on Invoice & Email Settings

You're welcome!  ;)


Product Page Re-Design

Based on feedback from our customers and our staff, we are in the process of re-vamping our main Products page to make it better organised and more concise, but with more product data and functionality than ever before!  It will look much prettier and have more customisation options too.

UK Mail Courier Integration

Due to a steadily increasing demand for support for UK Mail in ChannelGrabber, we are now working to provide a new connection with the courier UK Mail, to allow you to create and print labels for your orders that are being shipped by UK Mail, from within ChannelGrabber.  No more third party plugins required!  Yay!  :)

Picking Locations

To add to the already handy functionality of ChannelGrabber's Pick List feature, we are now going to be introducing the option to add Picking Locations per SKU, so that you can enter the location of each of your products into ChannelGrabber, then have these included on your Pick List to make collecting, packing and dispatching your orders even more efficient.


If you have an idea for an improvement or new feature you would like to see us add to the system in the future, please do let us know, by emailing
If you're asking for something that has already been requested, we will add your vote to the feature to give it higher priority, or if your idea is totally fresh, we will add a new request to our developers' board for votes and future consideration.

We almost always prioritise feature requests based on demand, so the more users that vote for a feature, the higher up the "to-do" list it will move  ;)

Don't forget, you can also check out our public development roadmap as well, which will give you an idea of what we're working on and what's next in line/further down our developers' queue at any time:  ChannelGrabber Transparent Product Roadmap

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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Here, we'll pass on any newsworthy events or changes that we've learned about the e-commerce industry that may affect our system or you, our customers.    

eBay Multi-buy Feature

Written by our very own copywriter, Vicky Styles

Did you know there’s a ridiculously easy way to increase your average order value, that could uplift your order size by as much as 23%?*  How? If you could please imagine a drum roll at this point . . .

By using eBay’s Multi-buy Feature.
Erm. It sounded more epic in our heads. Sorry.

But in all seriousness, if you’re finding that customers are only ordering 1, maybe 2, products from you at a time, and you’re wondering how to fix it, this could be the answer. 

So what’s the multi-buy feature? It’s basically where you offer tiered discounts to your customers when they buy multiple quantities of your items. And even better, they can clearly see the savings they’re getting through bulk ordering, which encourages them to hit that Buy button.  Psychology 101 here. People love feeling like savvy shoppers. 

It’s a big win-win for you. Not only does multi-buy increase your order size, but it could boost your profit margins if you offer free shipping, because it saves you having to pay out on tons of postage for single items. 

And even if you charge customers for shipping, then the multi-buy option encourages them to buy because they’ll enjoy a discount and save on postage. 

Using multi-buy won’t mess up any other promotions you’ve got going on either:

  • If you introduce multi-buy and you’re already offering coupons and order discounts, then the best discount out of the three will be applied to the buyers’ order 

  • If you’re offering a markdown sale, then the multi-buy discount will be applied on top of that markdown price

  • The multi-buy feature also works alongside shipping discounts

The fine print:

  1. You need to be an eBay shop subscriber

  2. Only fixed price, multi-quantity listings are eligible (eBay are scurrying away to bring in this feature for multi-variation listings ASAP)

  3. You can use multi-buy on 500 SKUs per promotion

And eBay are offering a limited time discount to help you through the festive season:

50% off final value fees on any extra items sold using Multi-buy, between 6th of November and 7th December (there are T&Cs, as you’d expect)

To get more info on the offer, and how to get Multi-buy set up on your account click this button:

*According to an eBay test on 5000 eligible listings


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We hope you have enjoyed the November edition of our newsletter and found some useful information to help you with your online business.  

Why not also check out the blog page on our website, to keep up to date with news from us as well as even more industry insights and input from guest authors too?


As always, if you would like to discuss anything relating to your ChannelGrabber account, please feel free to contact our team using the Intercom chat system (the chat icon can be found on the lower right corner of any ChannelGrabber page) or by emailing

Happy Channel-Grabbing!  :)

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