We utilise a popular system called NetDespatch to facilitate creating UK Mail labels in ChannelGrabber, so the first step (if you don't already have a NetDespatch account) is to contact NetDespatch to set up an account with them and connect it with UK Mail.  

The following are the instructions that we have received from NetDespatch themselves on how to get a new account registered and connected with UK Mail.

1.  a)  First, open this Google Sheets link and click File > Make a copy, to create your own editable copy of the form in Google Sheets.  
b)  Complete as much of the form as possible then make sure your form's Share settings are set to Anyone with the link can view then click the Copy Link button to grab the full URL for your form:

2.  Open a new tab in your web browser and go to http://www.netdespatch.com/support and fill out all the Your Details fields that you can on the contact form (leave NetDespatch User ID blank and ignore the "About Your Customer" section):

3. Under the Support Request Information section, enter the Subject as "UK Mail":

4.  In the Description section, confirm that you want to create a new NetDespatch account and link it with UK Mail:

5. After your request, include the link to your Google Sheets form that you copied earlier to provide NetDespatch with the details they need to get this process started, then click the Send Message button:

Once this is done, NetDespatch will create a new account for you and should correspond with UK Mail and set the connection up.  You should receive login details for NetDespatch, and it's those details we use to connect in ChannelGrabber (see guide on UK Mail for the full connection process).

If you need additional support from NetDespatch, the main NetDespatch Customer Support email is: servicedesk@netdespatch.com

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