Published:  29th April 2019

We thought you might like to know what we have been up to over the past 12 months, as well as our plans for the next year, so here's our "annual roundup" of 2018/19 and a glimpse into the future too.  

As well as working tirelessly to make significant infrastructure improvements behind the scenes, we have also created, tested and released a HUGE number of new core features and integrations for the ChannelGrabber system, and we're so proud we wanted to shout the good news  :)

Click any of the (blue) project headers below to find out about/view the guide for each feature if you would like to learn more.

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May 2018

Etsy Marketplace Integration - Phase 1: Order Management

June 2018

New Product Creation:

Multi-Channel Listing: Create listings for eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce & WooCommerce in ChannelGrabber
Category Templates

July 2018

Listing to Amazon
Support for eBay Business Policies in the Listings module

August 2018

Shipping Rules: Filter Orders by Weight

September 2018

Integration with ShipStation:

October 2018

Public Product Development Roadmap

November / December 2018

Etsy Marketplace Integration - Phase 2: Listing Import & Stock Management
Option to Add Email Subject Lines and Email Content Per Marketplace

January 2019

Product Page Re-Design
UK Mail Integration

February 2019

Picking Locations
Create New Products In Bulk
Export and Import Linked Products in Bulk


March 2019

Edit Internal Product Names in ChannelGrabber
Amazon Custom
New Cost Price Field
ChannelGrabber Mobile App - Phase 1: Beta View-Only

April 2019

New Royal Mail OBA Integration
Import & Export Cost Price in Bulk
Low Stock Thresholds
Automatically Create a Purchase Order from Products with Low Stock
Expand all Variations

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If you need some help with using any of the features mentioned in this newsletter, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and if you have ideas or requests for other features that you would like us to consider for future development, you can email your suggestions to and we'll be sure to document them for you.

Don't forget, you can also check out our public development roadmap as well, which will give you an idea of what we're working on and what's next in line/further down our developers' queue at any time:  ChannelGrabber Product Roadmap

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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A bit of history...

ChannelGrabber has been delighting e-commerce businesses since its conception and launch way back in 2010, and has many powerful features with an affordable price structure, making it a firm favourite in the marketplace for everyone from sole traders to enterprise level sellers, and still going strong, nine years on.

After the successful launch and ongoing popularity of the original ChannelGrabber system, we set out with a new mission in 2014, which was to re-develop and re-design ChannelGrabber from the ground up to make a simpler and more modern interface that still packed a punch, with a more stable and robust programming structure "under the hood" - Essentially to learn from the mistakes and successes of the original system and create something even better!

Our new version of the software was originally branded as "OrderHub" for its launch, but was eventually re-branded to "ChannelGrabber" (commonly referred to as "CG New" by our team and customers), and the older system re-branded to "ChannelGrabber Classic", to help our customers recognise both systems as coming from the same great team while still differentiating between the two different versions. 

Since then we have continued to support and maintain the Classic system, but made the decision to no longer develop new features on Classic, to allow us to focus our development resources on pushing the new ChannelGrabber system forward.

We have added loads of new features to the new ChannelGrabber system since then, but have still found that the Classic system attracted new customers as well, due to having a more feature-rich offering in certain areas, such as listing management for example, so we have kept both systems running simultaneously to make sure we have something to offer to everyone, whatever their business needs.

An insight into our vision...

As you can hopefully tell from the long list of features that we have released just in the last year, we are not content to rest on our laurels!  We have been having a big shake-up of our development roadmap, and we are committed to adding HEAPS more new features to the new ChannelGrabber system.  

In the interest of total transparency, we do eventually plan to retire the long-established Classic system, to allow us to fully dedicate all of our resources solely to the new ChannelGrabber system, however, we recognise that Classic has long boasted a greater feature set than CG New in certain areas, as acknowledged above.  Therefore, our immediate focus for 2019 is to concentrate on developing features for the newer version of ChannelGrabber, which will mean it more closely replicates (and exceeds) the experience of using the Classic version of ChannelGrabber.  Our goal is for every Classic customer to be able to migrate smoothly over to the new ChannelGrabber system without losing any level of core functionality, before we stop supporting Classic, so do not fear if you are currently still a Classic customer - you will not get left behind!  :)

We hope to achieve this goal within the year, and once we have successfully retired the Classic system, we will have even more resources to pour into the new ChannelGrabber system to push the feature set forward in many new and exciting directions in 2020 and beyond!

We hope that sharing our plans with you helps you to get a feel for the excitement and vision that the ChannelGrabber team shares for evolving our software, as well as an understanding of why we are working towards these goals.  Keep checking out our monthly newsletters to see what we're releasing each month and what's coming up next in the schedule. 

Let's go forward together  :)


Happy Channel-Grabbing!


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