This integration is a little different from our other supported webstores, as it was developed by an Opencart developer and connects using ChannelGrabber's Public API.  The module has been setup on the Opencart system and therefore there is an associated cost (charged by the developer, not ChannelGrabber) of $100 as a one-off installation fee.

It allows for full order management for Opencart orders and stock management is also possible, however the integration does not allow for the import of products from Opencart into ChannelGrabber.  

Therefore, in order for stock management to work, the SKUs from Opencart need to exist in the ChannelGrabber products page eg. by being imported from another channel such as eBay or Amazon, or by being manually added into ChannelGrabber - see our guides on Creating a New Single Product and Creating a New Variation Product - and then they will sync up with the matching SKUs on Opencart to push stock updates out.
The first version has been published and can be purchased and installed from the Opencart app store here:   

Opencart Marketplace: ChannelGrabber Integration


Other versions can also be supported so if required, please contact our sales team on or +44 (0)161 711 0248 with details of the version you need support for and our sales team will arrange for the Opencart developer to publish one for that version too.

We do plan to further develop our own direct integration with Opencart in the future, to add more functionality, however we have other core features on our road-map which we will be working on first, according to customer demand, so new Opencart features will be further into the future.  If you are interested in suggesting new features and improvements we can make to ChannelGrabber, you can email your ideas to and we will document them with our Product Strategy Team for future consideration.

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