Installing the Print Watch Application & Getting Started

The Cloud Commerce Pro Remote Printing Service is an effective and efficient way to automate your printing jobs. Whether you have a small Ebay store or a vast warehouse operation, automation and remote printing can free up valuable time for you and your employees.

This guide will show you how to connect to the remote printing service and install the relevant software to get you up and running.

Before you get started there are a few things you need to consider:

  1. Do you have a Windows PC? The software required does not offer support for Apple devices

  2. Which version of Windows do you have? Windows 8.1 or above is required.

Download The Print Watch Application

Copy and paste the URL below into your web browser to download the Print Watch application and then navigate to the downloaded file to run it.

Installing The Software

Every browser handles this differently, so just follow any onscreen prompts and continue with the installation. Once installed you should be asked to run the application.

Logging In

Once open, you will be met with this screen but if this is the first time you’ve run it, the fields will be blank.

Enter the same username and password that you use to login to the Cloud Commerce Pro system as well as your customer ID. Don’t forget to click the “Remember me” box to save you having to repeat this step each time you log in.

Configuration Screen

After logging in, the configuration screen will open. For most users it is best to leave these settings at their defaults unless instructed otherwise.

Click “Manage Printers” to continue.

Manage Printers

From this window we can set which printers we want to use and also what sort of jobs we want them to do.

Click the drop down menu below “Add new printer” to view a list of all available printers.

Printer Job Types

Clicking on the second drop down menu allows you to choose which type of printing that printer will do.

A4 is useful when printing invoices and picklists or you might want to select Label when using a label printer.

The Secondary Label option will be used when you have two label printers. Your account manager will instruct you if you need to use this option.

Adding Printers

Once you have your printer and job combination, you can click the “Add Printer” button to make it active. You can see this has been successful as the printer will appear in the list which shows all printers currently in use.

Continue Adding Printers

Continue to add your printers with the drop down box.

Remember that at any time you can come back to this screen to remove a printer if you no longer require it. Simply click “Remove” next to the printer you want to take off the active list under “Printers currently in use”.

When you are done you can click “Print Log” from the menu on the left to continue.

Starting To Print

You can un-pause the queue by clicking the button circled above.

When paused, the button will show as red and show “Print queue paused”.

If clicked it will turn blue to show the print queue is empty. From this point on the application will check for print jobs automatically.

Viewing Active Jobs In The Print Log

If the application finds jobs waiting, the bar at the bottom will turn green. When it finishes it will show as “queue check complete” and then display the number of jobs remaining in the queue. If this is zero the button will turn blue to show the application is active but not currently printing.

The print log window will display detailed information of currently active jobs,including those that recently completed.

Viewing What Is In The Print Queue

If you need to check something that is in the print queue,you can do this easily by clicking the link circled above. Windows willopen the file either in your preferred application for the file type or by giving you some choices depending on your settings.

Returning To Configuration

To return to the configuration menuyou need to pause the print queue by pressing the blue bar at the bottom left until it turns red. Before you do this the option to click Configuration will be greyed out.

Computer Print Queue

It can sometimes be useful to know what jobs are queued on your computer, as opposed to what jobs are showing as queued at CCP’s end.

  1. “Jobs in queue” refers to how many jobs CCP has waiting to be downloaded.

  2. This number represents the number of jobs actually queued on your computer.

The window on this screen gives details of all jobs waiting on your machine.

Resetting Local Print Queue

To clear your queue of all pending jobs so you can start fresh, click the “Reset Queue” button shown above.

Log Clean-up and Troubleshooting through CCP

You can clear your logs with the button shown which can be useful if you’re printing high volumes. On the flip side of that, if you’re encountering a problem that you are unable to diagnose you can always click Send current log to Cloud Commerce Pro, which gives us the data we need to diagnose the problem for you.

Minimize and Get Back To Work

If you have followed this guide you are now safe to minimize the application which will leave it running in your system tray out of sight and out of mind so you can get back to the jobs that matter. If you need it again simply double click the printer icon in your system tray to bring the application back on screen.

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