When you first setup the Royal Mail OBA integration via NetDespatch in ChannelGrabber, you may come across some errors when you first try to create the labels in our system, for example:

Invalid tariff code - 24LD

The "24LD" part refers to the particular combination of service, package type and add-ons that you have chosen from the Royal Mail options in ChannelGrabber (in this case, "Service: 24" and "Package Type: Large Letter", and receiving this type or error means that this particular combination has not been enabled in either your NetDespatch or Royal Mail OBA accounts.

You should contact your NetDespatch account manager to inform them of the missing services and ask them to add these tariff codes to your account. As soon as they are enabled on NetDespatch, then ChannelGrabber will be able to create labels for them.

You can email NetDespatch on: servicedesk@netdespatch.com

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