Welcome to ChannelGrabber Classic's Support Guide. Please follow this guide to contact the right department in the right way.

User Guides

We have an extensive online Knowledgebase with step-by-step guides on all the major features and processes in our system, so please always check the Knowledgebase for an answer to your query in the first instance, as most answers can be found here.

We also have a YouTube Channel, which offers step by step video tutorials on the most popular processes in ChannelGrabber.

Technical Support

If you experience a technical problem or the system doesn't seem to be working as expected, you should report this to our Support Team.

How To Reach 1st Line Support

The Intercom chat icon (shown below) will display at the lower right corner of any page while you are logged into the ChannelGrabber Classic system. Simply click it to view past conversations or start a new chat with our Support Team.

Alternatively, you can email support@channelgrabber.com directly and these messages will go into the same queue as chat messages.

Our telephone support lines are currently only available for outbound calls on request. Following trial periods of re-opening the phone support lines, we found that the majority of our Support Team's time was spent answering calls for lower priority issues, rather than assisting customers and resolving issues directly.

We have found that the utilisation of the chat system has many distinct benefits:

  • We have a clear record /log of any issues or queries that are raised with the Support Team.

  • There is less risk of ambiguity regarding what has been said and at what time.

  • Both parties can provide supplemental information: screenshots, guides, GIFs, videos, etc. to help clarify and resolve any issues.

  • Our small team of staff can assist with more customers at once, without being held on a single call for an excessive amount of time: meaning issues are resolved much more quickly and effectively.

This means that the chat system is a much more effective and efficient method of communication all round, meaning that we are able to much more with fewer resources, and keep our costs down.

If you ever feel that you do require a phone call to assist you with a particular issue or query, you can request one from the team via the chat system as normal. Please note however, that the scheduling of such a call will depend on how busy the team is currently with incoming requests.

Please see our separate guide if you need to reach us in an out of hours emergency:
Emergency Technical Support

Your issue will be investigated, and if needed a ticket will then be created for you with our technical support team so that the issue can be escalated and worked on. In the most serious cases, our technical support team may escalate an issue to our developers for higher level assistance. You will receive further updates from the first-line support agents once your ticket has been reviewed and/or resolved.

This simple diagram shows the structure we follow:

What happens after you raise a ticket? Find out in our SLA Guide

Integrations (connecting with third party applications)

If you require an integration with a webstore or courier, you should check our knowledgebase section on Additional Modules, Integrations & Resources for instructions on how to connect ChannelGrabber Classic to your desired application.

If you cannot find the answers there or need further help, you can contact our Technical Support Team via the Intercom chat system, detailing which integration you need and providing as much detail as possible, for example, webstore URL, username, password etc. One of our support agents will then get back in touch to help you proceed with your desired integration.

Training for New Customers

When you first register with a ChannelGrabber Classic account, you will be sent an email to provide help, advice and training to help you get set up with the system and educate you on the best way to utilise it, so please look out for an email from us, usually within 24 hours of your registration.

After you have completed your "self-help" tasks from the email, you may contact our training team if you require further/more advanced training within the first two weeks of your first month's subscription, so please check availability and book yourself into the team's training diary if you require an hour's webinar session.

Training for Established Customers

After your initial two weeks with us, you can request a training webinar at any time, however depending on your requirements and the training you have previously received, this may become billable. We always request that you check our extensive Knowledgebase first, before calling or booking a training session!

If you still need help after checking the Knowledgebase, and you feel you need a more in-depth consultation to assess your current processes and discuss any improvements you could be making, then please check availability and book yourself into the team's diary. If your consultation will be billable, we will inform you prior to your webinar.

Thank you for following our support processes and helping us to help you!

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