This method should ONLY be used if you are 100% confident that all your eBay listing content in ChannelGrabber is up to date.

If you ever make changes on eBay directly, then it’s likely that your eBay listings in ChannelGrabber will be different to those on eBay, meaning that if you push any eBay listing updates from ChannelGrabber, we will overwrite whatever is currently on eBay with the content that is in CG right now.

Exporting Active eBay Listing Data

  1. Navigate to Products > Data Exchange > Listings > Exports

  2. In the drop-down options select the following fields:

    - eBay Nationality
    - eBay Account ID

    Note: ChannelGrabber will automatically map out columns for the other mandatory fields: SKU, Listing ID and Channel, so you do not need to map these out when exporting data.

  3. Select any other relevant fields you wish to update for your eBay listings. These will be the ones prefaced with "eBay".

    In the example shown below, I have selected options as though I were updating the listing template, listing title, and shipping template used, but you can choose whatever you need here:

  4. Click Generate to generate this file, and then Download to download the data to a csv file.

Updating / Importing the eBay Listing Data:

  1. The next step here is to open your csv file and make any changes you require here for your eBay listings. You can remove any rows you do not wish to update to keep the files easier to manage.

    It may be worth updating a single listing using this process first, as a test to ensure the field you are updating is the right one.

    There area wide range of options here depending on what you want to update, so the choices of what to input do vary.

    If you are unsure, please contact the Support Team for assistance: ideally giving them information on what it is you want to update (with an example), and the file you have exported.

  2. Once you have made the relevant changes, save the csv file - you are now ready to upload the data back in to the system.

  3. Navigate to Products > Data Exchange > Listings > Imports

  4. Select Choose File, then click Upload - you should now see the headers from the file for mapping:

    Note here again that CG wants the following fields to identify your listings:

    - SKU
    - Listing ID*
    - Channel*
    - eBay Nationality
    - eBay Account ID

    *The Listing ID and Channel will be detected automatically when the import is in progress

  5. Make sure any other fields you are wanting to update are mapped correctly: you may need to manually map certain fields if your headers are different. Again, we can assist here if required.

  6. Finally, click Generate to start importing your eBay listing changes to the system. Any changes made here will be relayed to eBay automatically. You can see the progress of the import in the History tab.

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