Why would I want to use this feature? - A reason you may want to upload images via the spreadsheet is mainly due to efficiency. It is a lot quicker to add multiple images at once than one by one.


  1. Create an Image Folder

  2. Uploading the Image Folder

  3. Open the Product Export File

  4. Apply Images Names to Image Column

  5. Uploading the Spreadsheet

1. Create an Image Folder

The first step is to create a folder on your computer which contains the images you would like to upload into CCP via the spreadsheet (Product export).

Once you have this folder saved, right click the folder and move it into a compressed zip folder. It is worth noting that the image has a limit for the zip which is 250mb.

(You can do this by pressing the send to option)

2. Uploading the Image Folder

Once you have created a folder with the images, head to the imports section.

You can get there by heading into products > Imports.

Once in the imports section, you will see a button which reads 'Upload images (ZIP)'.

Click this button and select the image folder.

You should then see an 'images folder' appear within the upload section, this means the file has uploaded successfully. You should also see an image count which can act as a guidance too.

3. Open the Product Export File

Once you have an image folder containing the images you wish to upload, the next step is to open the product export spreadsheet.

This can be found by going into products > Exports > Export products.

4. Apply Image Names to Image Column

Once you have opened the spreadsheet, head to the column titled VAR_IMG (Column AA)

All you need to do now is enter the image file name against the SKU along with the type of image that it is.

For example, if you have an image called 'tstimage1' in your image folder and it is in a .jpg format, you would need to type 'tstimage1.jpg' into the VAR_IMG column.

If you have multiple images, seperate the names with a pipe ( | ). For example 'testimage1.jpg|testimage2.jpg'.

Providing that the image name on the spreadsheet is the same as the name in the image folder, the images will be uploaded successfully.

5. Uploading the spreadsheet

Once you have entered the correct image names in the image column, save the spreadsheet and head into the products section.

Next to the Export option where you exported the file, you will see a button for Import.

Once you are in the imports section, upload the file which contains the image file names. This will then appear within your uploads section.

Finally, tick the relevant spreadsheet and run step 9 which will then link the images from the spreadsheet to the images which was previously uploaded into CCP.

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