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ChannelGrabber Classic is no longer supported

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As you will most likely already be aware, we have been making significant efforts over the past 12 months to contact all our Classic customers, by both telephone and email, to advise that the ChannelGrabber Classic system will no longer be supported from 31st July 2022.

As this date is now passed, we will no longer be assisting ChannelGrabber Classic customers with any issues or bugs they experience when using the system and no support will be directly available. We expect functionality for our integrated platforms to deprecate over the coming months as external platforms release updates and changes to their code. We expect the Amazon integration to stop working at any point from the 1st August 2022.

If you are interested in migrating from ChannelGrabber Classic to one of our supported platforms: ChannelGrabber, or Cloud Commerce Pro, then please reach out via email to our ChannelGrabber Support Team with details of your request and we will assist you accordingly. We have some exciting new features and updates planned for these platforms, and we may be able to offer a discounted rate for migrating to one of our supported platforms.
โ€‹If you wish to cancel your ChannelGrabber Classic subscription, please reach out in the same way, and we will assist you as soon as possible. When reaching out in this way, we will need login details for your account, so we can find your data.

If you choose to continue to use ChannelGrabber Classic, you do so in full acknowledgement that it will not receive any further updates, and we will not be able to assist with any issues encountered.

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