As you will most likely already be aware, we have been making significant efforts over the past 12 months to contact all our Classic customers, by both telephone and email, to advise that the ChannelGrabber Classic system will no longer be supported from 31st July 2022, and the Amazon integration will no longer function.

We have been offering the option to migrate from the Classic system to one of our other software solutions, and the majority of customers have already migrated off Classic or are in the process of being guided through the migration process by our specialists at present. If this applies to you then you can disregard this message and we thank you for your cooperation during the migration process.

If, however, you have not yet begun the process of migrating to a different software system, we recommend that you get in touch with us urgently to begin this process, or make your own alternative arrangements well in advance of the 31st July deadline.

After this date CG Classic will become completely unsupported, meaning no new development work, bug fixes or chat/email/phone support will be available. Any Amazon account connections within CG Classic will also become obsolete after this date.

If you continue to use ChannelGrabber Classic after the 31st July then you do so in full acknowledgement that it is a deprecated piece of software and support will not be available in any form.

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