ChannelGrabber Announcement: April 2022

A recent announcement sent to all users regarding the future of Channel Grabber and ChannelGrabber Classic systems.

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We have been reaching out to our ChannelGrabber customers for the past few months with regards to the future of the ChannelGrabber software and our plans for the business overall. You may already have spoken with a member of our team about this, however we feel it is important to reach out again to ensure that every one of our customers is fully informed of some important information, and has had the opportunity to continue to receive support from us in maintaining a system to help manage your e-commerce business.

We have made the decision to retire the ChannelGrabber Classic system this year. This has been a long time coming because we wanted to continue to offer our customers as much support for as long as we could, however, the time has now arrived and we will be ceasing support for ChannelGrabber Classic on 31st July 2022.

This will NOT affect support for the ChannelGrabber New (OrderHub) system.

After planning a significant investment into our development team, we are pleased to confirm that the decision has been made to extend the life and development of ChannelGrabber New until at the very earliest, 1st July 2023, and possibly even thereafter.

We will also be doubling down on our development and support of ChannelGrabber New to make important systemic improvements, which will have a positive impact on the system’s performance and stability over the coming months.

In order to extend the life of, and increase the amount of development resource dedicated to, ChannelGrabber New, we are implementing a 10% price increase across all monthly subscription fees. This 10% increase will come into effect for all invoices on, or after 11th May 2022.

This price update will enable us to add more value across the platform for you and your business, including reliability, stability and maintainability.

We will also be investing further in our Enterprise platform; Cloud Commerce Pro (CCP), ensuring that (in addition to the extra features already available in CCP), all the existing ChannelGrabber features exist for future migrations across the platforms.

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