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CG - Connect with Opencart
CG - Connect with Opencart

Learn how to connect your Opencart based webstore to ChannelGrabber for stock and order management

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This integration is a little different from our other supported webstores, as it was developed by a freelance developer and connects using ChannelGrabber's Public API.

The module has been setup by an independent developer and therefore there is an associated cost (charged by the developer, not ChannelGrabber) of £300 as a one-off installation fee, which includes setup and testing. There may be additional charges if you have installed bespoke extensions that you require compatibility to be developed for.


  • Opencart 3.x

  • Debian based (preferably Ubuntu) Linux operating system

  • Dedicated server (no shared hosting)

Capabilities of the integration:

  • Stock updates from CG to Opencart*

  • Send Opencart orders to ChannelGrabber so that they can be viewed in the ChannelGrabber Orders page

  • Order status updates from Opencart to ChannelGrabber

  • Order status updates from ChannelGrabber to Opencart

  • Customised order status mapping between the Opencart and ChannelGrabber

Limitations of the integration:

  • Variations - By default Opencart 3 does not handle variations innately. For this reason this extension doesn't include it by default. An exception to this is that if a SKU appears as part of a variation in ChannelGrabber but is set up as a single product in Opencart, this will work just fine. Compatibility for a variations extension can potentially be developed for an additional fee, but will have to be assessed before being agreed on by the developer.

  • Tracking numbers - Opencart 3 does not have a tracking number field by default. For this reason it is not included in the standard module. As with variations, compatibility for a tracking number extension can potentially be developed for an additional fee, but will have to be assessed before being agreed on by the developer.

  • *Listings Import - the integration does not allow for the import of products directly from Opencart into ChannelGrabber. Therefore, in order for stock management to work, the SKUs from Opencart need to exist in the ChannelGrabber Products page eg. by being imported from another channel such as eBay or Amazon, or by being manually added into ChannelGrabber - see our guides on Creating a New Single Product and Creating a New Variation Product - or to export product data from Opencart and upload it to ChannelGrabber via CSV, see Add New Products in Bulk Upload CSV - and then they will sync up with the matching SKUs on Opencart so that Opencart can pull stock updates from ChannelGrabber.

Connecting with Opencart

Please contact the developer directly to discuss your requirements and arrange payment for the installation of his ChannelGrabber module onto your Opencart store:

Phil Tebbutt

Important Note:

Phil is a freelance developer and not an employee of ChannelGrabber. ChannelGrabber accepts no liability in the event that this integration ceases to be offered or supported. Please contact Phil directly for any and all support for this Opencart integration.

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