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Learn about the new-look ChannelGrabber - coming soon!

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What's a Brand Refresh?

A Brand Refresh is when a company decides to modernise its image, while maintaining its core identity and strategy.

Why is ChannelGrabber having a Brand Refresh?

As you know if you've been with us for a while, ChannelGrabber's look and feel as a system as not undergone any major changes since around 2014. We have added new features and functionality of course, but the overall design of the user interface and branding has not changed much in that time.

Why now?

ChannelGrabber has gone through a lot of changes at a company level since 2019, and 2021/22 marked a huge shift with Cloud Commerce Group, which ChannelGrabber is a part of, being acquired by global powerhouse WPP. As a result of the acquisition, we have received investment into ChannelGrabber, including making improvements to update and upgrade our company identity and marketing in 2023.

The ChannelGrabber website has already had its "make over", so now we will be updating the ChannelGrabber user interface to match with our new brand styling as well, to ensure a consistent look and feel across our whole company brand.

What are the changes that are coming?

You will see our new ChannelGrabber logo taking pride of place, as well as a fresh new colour scheme and more modern fonts used throughout the user interface. This will create a smoother and more consistent experience as you navigate around the various features and areas of the system.

Will this impact how I use ChannelGrabber?

No. The brand refresh will not alter any of the existing navigation or functionality that you are used to. It will simply make the system look and feel more fresh and modern, and align with who we are as a brand.

Will this affect other feature/development work on ChannelGrabber?

No. The Product and Design teams have been working closely together, but this does not take any development resource away from other features and improvements that are being developed for the system.

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