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CG - ChannelGrabber Quick-Start Guide
CG - ChannelGrabber Quick-Start Guide

Start your journey here to find out how to get set up quickly and easily

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Hello!  Welcome to ChannelGrabber and thanks for registering your account  :)  We're thrilled that you are joining our thriving e-commerce community!

We've put together this guide to provide a bit of structure and direction to help you get set up nice and smoothly.  If you follow the guides that are relevant to you from the list below, then by the time you get to the end of this page, you should be all ready to rock 'n' roll!  

Taking the time to get set up properly now will mean you start feeling the benefits from the system right away, so go get 'em tiger!

Where do I start?

Connect your Sales Channels

The first step on your journey to a great ChannelGrabber experience is to connect your marketplaces to your new CG account.  Most of the time you will complete this as part of the initial setup wizard after you register for your account, but in case you didn't or have more channels to add, here you go:

Once your channels are connected, we'll automatically import your orders, and you can also choose which of your products to import for stock management purposes too:  Import Products into ChannelGrabber

Connect your Shipping Channels

We have direct integrations with several major couriers, providing the option to generate shipping labels and where relevant, manifests, for your orders without ever leaving ChannelGrabber.

Find out more about Couriers & Shipping

Once you have connected your courier(s), utilise our Shipping Aliases feature to re-name and organise your shipping methods and make generating your shipping labels in ChannelGrabber a breeze!

Personalise your account

Manage Your Invoice(s)

Invoice management is a key benefit of the ChannelGrabber system, so the first step is to get your invoice looking and behaving how you want!  
Personalising Your Invoice Design

Once you have designed your invoice, ChannelGrabber offers you the option to print invoices for your orders, and/or have a PDF invoice emailed to your customers once you mark their orders as "Dispatched" in our system.  Use this guide to learn how to Manage your Invoice Settings

Fine-tune Your Advanced Settings

To really nail down the nitty gritty of your account settings, you might want to check out the following guides too:


Get (and keep) your stock in sync!

Now that you've laid a solid foundation by connecting your channels, importing products and personalising your account, the next big step is to activate your stock management, so that ChannelGrabber can take over the stock levels on your channels, and send automatic updates as soon as an order is placed or you make a manual stock update in our system.

But wait!  We recommend that you check your stock levels in ChannelGrabber first!  We always pull the stock quantity from the first channel you import each product from, so if you are 100% confident that the stock quantities on your channels are correct, then happy days, but better to err on the side of caution and check them in CG if there's even a slight chance that they might be at all out of kilter on your channels.  

Once we push out stock levels to your channels, there's no turning back, so while it may be boring to do a stock check, there's no better time than now!

Once you're satisfied that your stock levels in CG are accurate, go ahead and Enable Stock Management in ChannelGrabber then put your feet up while we do all the hard work keeping your channels in sync for you!  :)

Get those orders flying out of the door!

You're probably raring to go now that you've got your invoice set up and your account personalised.  Well processing your orders in ChannelGrabber is the easiest and most effective place to start!

Head on over to your Orders page and take a look around.  Our Orders Page Overview guide explains where to find everything you'll need.  You'll love how easy it is to Customise the Order Page to show the exact information you need in whatever arrangement you want to view it in.

Happy with how it all looks?  Great!  Let's get those orders flowing out of your door and on their way to your customers, using our powerful Bulk Actions!

Simple enquiry management in one central Message Centre

The final step in your journey to e-commerce enlightenment is to get ChannelGrabber pulling in your messages from eBay and Amazon customers, saving you from having to log into separate places with different interfaces, just to answer customer questions.  Check out our guides on Message Management to get started.


Release the balloons and streamers!  Your ChannelGrabber account is now set up and ready to use!  Hurrah!

You will no-doubt come across other features and parts of the system we haven't explored in this Quick-Start guide, but don't worry, everything you need to know is covered in our User Guides knowledgebase, which is available to anyone at any time, day and night!

If you have a question that is personal to your specific circumstances and therefore not covered in an existing guide, then hit us up on our integrated chat system (the blue speech bubble icon on the lower right corner of any ChannelGrabber page) and a member of our Support Team will be happy to help you!

Thank you for taking the time to get your ChannelGrabber account setup correctly - we know it will benefit you immensely having all your "t"s crossed and your "i"s dotted at this early stage, so well done you!

Happy ChannelGrabbing!


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