1. Create Template for Statement

Log into your CCP Admin Centre then go to: Config > Letters > Template Editor > NEW.

The template can be styled as you wish, to pull in the data of the statement you use the tag “$CUSTOMERSTATEMENTDATA$”.

2. Set up Trigger

Next, go to: Config > Letters > Triggers > Create Template Links.

The trigger you require is called CustomerStatementExports. Select the template you have created and the method you want this to use e.g. Email/Email Billing.

3. Set up Email

This step is to configure the body of the email. Please note the statement will be a PDF attachment to this email.

The email will send to the ADMIN CONTACT on the customer account unless you have chosen to email to billing or to print the statement.

4. View Customer Statements Report

To view the customer statements report, go to Reports > Customer Statements.
Pressing “view report” will show you customer records based on your selection on the filters. Please note these filters can be changed based on your requirements.

Clicking on the customer icon will take you through to their account, clicking on the customer name will expand the row to show you a breakdown of their account.

5. Email/export statement to single or multiple customers

You can select one or more customer accounts and “run triggers” which will email out the statement as a PDF attachment.

Any customers you have run triggers against will go in a queue which you can view, the status of the email will change as the process completes. If a trigger has failed this will also show in the queue.

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