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CG - Check/change stock levels and update stock in bulk
CG - Check/change stock levels and update stock in bulk

Learn how to update stock quantities manually, and in bulk via spreadsheets

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Before ChannelGrabber can take control of your stock levels on your channels, you first need to Import Listings from your channels and Activate Stock Management in our system.

Check & Change Stock Levels

Click the Products icon in the navigation bar at the top of your page to go to your Products page:

Here you can see all of your products that have been imported and view their stock levels.

To update stock, click into the Available box and make your adjustments:

Make sure you click the tick button or press enter on your keyboard to save your changes:

Update Stock Levels in Bulk from a CSV File

To update stock in bulk you must first do a Stock Export. This will provide you with a CSV file in our required format, which you can then use as a template as it will contain all of your SKUs.  To do this, click on the Stock Export button at the top of your Products page:

Your Stock Export file will contain a list of your product SKUs, product names and current total stock levels.  Edit the Total Stock column as needed for your stock update, and once you're happy, save the file.

Important Notes:

Please do not change or remove the column headers or order, as our system will expect the columns to be imported in this order. The file format always needs to be set as CSV (Comma Delimited) when you are saving your files for importing to ChannelGrabber.

Back in ChannelGrabber, click the Stock Import button:

In the Stock Action drop-down menu, you will be presented with 3 options:

  • Set stock level - This will override your existing stock levels with the values in the spreadsheet you are importing.  This should be used when doing a stock take and reconciliation

  • Add to stock level - This will add the values in the spreadsheet you are importing on top of the values which already exist in ChannelGrabber.  This should be used when you have received new stock and are using a spreadsheet to add your new stock to ChannelGrabber

  • Remove from stock level - This will deduct the values in your spreadsheet from the values in ChannelGrabber.  This should be used if you are taking products out of stock, discontinuing a line, or moving stock into a fulfilment warehouse, for example.

Once you have selected a Stock Action, click the Choose File button to browse your computer and upload the CSV file, then click the Confirm button.

You will receive an import report via your email to tell you if it was successful once the import has finished processing.  How long this takes will depend on the number of data rows in your file.

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