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CG - "Error" Status on a Listing in the Products Page
CG - "Error" Status on a Listing in the Products Page
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From time to time you may see a status that says "Error" in red on a listing on your Products page:

If you click on the Listings tab for the product it will show you exactly which listings have the error:

Firstly, don't panic!  This usually doesn't mean that anything is wrong with the listing on the channel itself.  It usually just means that we have tried to push out a stock update to the listing, and for some reason, that stock update has not yet been processed successfully.  The system will retry several times, and subsequent stock updates may be successful.

If the error remains for a while, then to find more detail about the error, you can hover your mouse pointer over the status and the error message will then be displayed:

Sometimes the error may come from your channel directly, so for example the above error is from eBay and is specifying two issues:  The listing is attempting to be set with "Extended Holiday Returns" (something that is set on eBay but that may be triggered by CG trying to send a stock update to it) but is not eligible, and also the fact that it duplicates another existing listing on the same eBay account, which is not allowed.  In this case a stock update will not go through to eBay/the listing will not be set live as the listing is not allowed.

Depending on the error, the best thing to do is often to delete the product from ChannelGrabber then re-import it (if it's still active on the channel) as that will reset the listing.  When it's re-imported, check the stock level is correct, and amend it in CG if not, which will trigger a stock push to the item to sync it up with CG moving forward.

If an error persists and you are unsure how to resolve it after following the above suggestions, please do feel free to check in with our Support Team and they can look into it further for you.

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