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CG - Automatically Importing Listings
CG - Automatically Importing Listings

Learn how to set ChannelGrabber to automatically import new listings from your channels into the main Products page

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As well as importing new listings manually into ChannelGrabber, it is also possible to set ChannelGrabber to "auto-import" your listings as soon as the system pull them into your Import Listings page. ​ 

Important Note:

We always recommend to import new products from the channel with the most accurate stock levels first, however by enabling this feature, you will by-pass the manual import process.  This means that we only advise you use this feature if you create your listings on each marketplace with an accurate stock level.

Therefore, we recommend to only use this setting for one channel, or for more only if your stock levels and SKUs on ALL channels are accurate.


Our process that collects the listings from your channels only runs once per week, so there may be a delay between your listing going active on your channels, and being imported into your ChannelGrabber Products page and having the stock managed.  We therefore recommend that you regularly check your stock levels in ChannelGrabber for any newly imported items.

If you add new listings to a Sales Channel and want them imported immediately, simply go to Import Listings and run a download listings request for the relevant Sales Channel.


Enabling the Auto-Import

1. Navigate to Settings > Channel Management > Sales Channels and click Manage next to the account(s) you want to enable this setting for:

2. Once inside your sales channel settings, you will see a toggle for the "Auto-Import Listings" setting.  By default this will be toggled to OFF to start with:

Click on the toggle to set it to "ON" and you will be presented with a confirmation window.  Please read this carefully, then if you are happy to proceed, click the Confirm button.

And that's it - new listings from that specific channel will be automatically imported from the Import Listings page into your main Products page from now on!

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