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CG - Linked Products: SKU Mapping
CG - Linked Products: SKU Mapping

Learn how to link the stock of items that are listed multiple times with different SKUs

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We developed our Linked Products feature to account for two main scenarios: people who sell multiple items as one bundle, kit or multi-pack - see separate guide on Linked Products: Bundle Listings - and those who list the same item multiple times but under different SKUs (on Amazon for example, where you cannot use the same SKU more than once).

Say for example you have the same product listed twice on Amazon against different ASINs, and have therefore had to use different SKUs.  Import them both into our system then use Linked Products to tie the stock of one SKU to the other, so they both stay in sync!  That way, no matter which one sells, they both retain the same, correct stock level, therefore reducing the risk of overselling.

Let's get SKU Mapping!

1. Navigate to your main Products page:


2. Decide on which one of your products you want to set as the "Master" product, where you will make your stock updates from now on
Top tip: add the word "Master" to the product name in ChannelGrabber to make it easier to remember/search for later):

Click the master product SKU and it will automatically be copied to your clipboard (you'll need that in a moment).

3.  Find the second product that you want to map back to the master item, and click the Link icon to the left of the SKU:


4. A pop-up will appear to let you search for the SKU or product name of the master product you want to link back to.  If you copied the SKU to your clipboard as advised in step 2, simply paste (Ctrl+V) it into the search bar and click the Search button:


5. It will then show any results that match your search term, along with the current available stock level of that product.  Select the product you want to link to the master item, then click the Add link on the right:


6. A list of the added items will appear under the search section, then click the Save button when you are done:


7. When you return to the main Products page after saving your bundle, you will see that the Link icon has now highlighted on your mapped item to show that this product is linked back to the master product and is therefore inheriting the stock levels from the master product:  

Top tip:  If you hover over the Link icon, a small drop-down will display which master item the product is linked to:


Clicking on the Link icon again will allow you to edit the linked products as needed, or even Unlink Products if you made a mistake or need to change the links completely:

And there you have it:  all done!  :)  

Now, when you amend the stock quantity of the master product, the linked product(s) will automatically update too, and if the linked product is ordered, the master product stock will be deducted too, so the linked products will stay totally in sync.

What if I have more than one item that needs to be mapped to the same master item?

No problem!  Simply link each individual product back to the same master SKU, so that each mapped SKU has a 1:1 relationship with the master SKU:

Please DO NOT link the master SKU to multiple other SKUs, as that will result in a Bundle instead of SKU Mapping, and bundles work under different logic to mapped SKUs:

Important Note:
Do remember that the linked product will inherit its stock levels from the master product, so if a master product has an "Undispatched" quantity, then the Linked product will show this as well.

We hope this guide is useful and that you love this feature as much as we do!  If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions we could make, please do feel free to fire them to us via the Intercom chat system or via email on and they can then be considered for our next round of developments.

Happy linking!  :)

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