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CG - Exporting Orders for Royal Mail Click and Drop
CG - Exporting Orders for Royal Mail Click and Drop

Learn how to get your order data from ChannelGrabber into Click & Drop to process your Royal Mail labels more efficiently

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This feature allows you to generate a CSV spreadsheet of your selected orders, which can then be imported into Click & Drop to allow you to process your Royal Mail labels in bulk, therefore making it more efficient than using Click & Drop separately from ChannelGrabber.

Enable Click & Drop as a Shipping Channel

Please navigate to Settings > Channel Management > Shipping Channels and click the drop-down menu from the top right corner.

Select "Royal Mail Click & Drop" then click the Add button:

This will enable the Ship action button on your Orders page (if it's not already there) and then you can proceed to export your orders for Click & Drop...

Choose Shipping Options and Export Your Order Data

1.  First, navigate to your Orders page and select the orders you wish to print labels for with Royal Mail:


2.  Click on the Ship action button:


3.  In the Review Orders stage, you will see the Shipping Method from the channel, and then be able to select which courier to use for each order.  For this example, you need to select Royal Mail Click & Drop.  Once you have set the Courier, you will then be able to choose which Service you want to send each order with:

Top Tip:

To automate this process, rather than having to select the method and service every single time, why not set up your own Shipping Aliases, to speed this along?!

When you're done, click the Continue button on the top right corner of the page:


4.  On the following page, you can set the Collection date for each order and enter the Weight in kilograms (if you've already populated the weights of your products on the main Products page, then the weights here will automatically load in for you):

5.  Next, select the Package Type for each order, along with any Add-On services, and lastly, enter any Delivery Instructions as needed:

6.  Once all the required details are entered, you can either click to download one file per order, or you can click the Download File For All button on the top right corner to get all orders combined into one file (recommended):

This will prompt a CSV spreadsheet file to download in your browser.  If you need to save it to a specific location on your computer, please do feel free, but make sure it is always saved as CSV (Comma delimited) format, or the next stages won't work.

Once you have your export file, you can continue to import the data into Click & Drop.

Importing ChannelGrabber Orders to Click & Drop

1.  Proceed to your Royal Mail Click & Drop Login page and log into your account.

2.  Navigate to Orders > Import:


3.  Click on the Upload a File button:


4.  Drag and drop or click on the button to upload your file, then select your CSV file from ChannelGrabber from wherever you saved it on your computer:

The Column delimiter section should automatically populate as "Comma", but please check and make sure it does, or select this option yourself, then click the Upload File button:


5.  In Step 2, under Name format, please make sure/change this to "First and last names are combined" and select the tick boxes as below:


6.  The first time you follow this process, you will need to complete the "Field Mappings" section (when you have done this once, the mapping should be saved in your Click & Drop account so you shouldn't have to do this every time).  The field name in the black box is the column header from ChannelGrabber's file, and you need to select the corresponding field name in Click & Drop:

Top tip:

There are more than four columns, so please use the blue arrows above the mapping section to navigate through all of them before you move on from this stage:


7.  When you are done mapping, click the Import Orders button


And there you have it - you can now process your ChannelGrabber orders in Click & Drop in the same way you would for any other order!  Yippee!  :)


We hope this guide is helpful, but if you have any problems with the ChannelGrabber process, please do feel free to contact our Support Team via the Intercom chat system.

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