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Learn how to connect ChannelGrabber with your Etsy account for stock and order management

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Trumpets and fanfair please!  We have now released our Etsy marketplace integration, which fully supports processing your Etsy orders in ChannelGrabber, as well as importing active listings and managing Etsy stock too - hooray!

This means you can connect ChannelGrabber directly to your Etsy account, and the system will automatically import all your orders so that you can process them in CG alongside the orders from your other marketplaces!

Connecting Etsy to ChannelGrabber

To get started, please navigate to Settings > Channel Management > Sales Channels, click the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the page, select Etsy and click the Add button:

You will be prompted to enter your Etsy login credentials and voilà, you're connected!  Your orders will automatically start to import into ChannelGrabber shortly.

Processing Etsy Orders in ChannelGrabber

To find out more about processing orders in ChannelGrabber, please feel free to check out the guides in our Order Management knowledgebase.

Importing Etsy Listings & Managing Stock

Check out this guide on How to Import Products into ChannelGrabber to fine out all you need to know about bringing your Etsy listings into the system.

Once your products are imported to the Products page, you can choose to have ChannelGrabber keep your Etsy stock in sync with your other sales channels automatically.  Find out more in these guides:

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