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CG - Cancelling Your ChannelGrabber Subscription
CG - Cancelling Your ChannelGrabber Subscription

Learn what to do if you no longer require access to your ChannelGrabber account

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Oh no!  We're sorry that you're thinking of cancelling!  :(

If you no longer need your ChannelGrabber account and wish to cancel your subscription with us, then please email your cancellation request to our Support Team at

Terms of Cancellation

As laid out in our Terms & Conditions, ChannelGrabber is a monthly rolling contract and you may cancel at any time unless you have a prior agreement in place to stay with us for a certain length of time. 

We do require 30 days notice of your intention to cancel, so depending on your billing date and at which point in the month you contact us to cancel, it's likely that one final payment will be due before you can end your subscription.  

You can check your billing date and view copies of all of your ChannelGrabber invoices using your Invoice Portal, which can be accessed via our Billing Team, and we recommend that you download all invoices from us for your own accounting and record keeping, prior to ending your subscription with us.

Please note that cancellation of your policy mid-month does not entitle you to any sort of refund or credit for unused time, and as stated above, your account can be closed after 30 days from your initial cancellation request being made to us.

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