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CG - Create a New Variation Product
CG - Create a New Variation Product

Learn how to create a new product with variation options from scratch in ChannelGrabber

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There are several reasons why you might like to create a new products in ChannelGrabber.  Maybe you've just taken delivery if a new item that you've never sold before, or maybe you need to create a new "master" or "component" product for a bundle...  Whatever your reason, we've got you covered!

1.  Navigate to your main Products page:


2.  Click on the Add button:


3.  Click on the Enter Product Name box to enter your product title:


4.  To upload your image(s) for the product, click the Choose File button and select the image file (JPEG format is advised) from your computer (you can upload multiple images if needed, one after the other):


5.  a)  In the table below the image upload, select an image to use as the primary product image, then enter the SKU and available Quantity for the product.  The default Stock Mode will usually be "List All" which means that all the available quantity will be sent to your channels if you chose to list this item to your marketplaces (find out more on this topic in our guide to using different stock rules).  

b)  Next enter the name of your variation theme (eg. "size" or "colour" etc.) into the light blue box at the top right of the variation table.  If you have more than one theme, the system will automatically add further variation theme fields for you to complete:

c)  Use the drop down boxes under the variation themes to select or manually enter the values for each variation SKU:


6.  Underneath the compulsory product fields, you have the option to add further product details to help with other processed such as courier labels.  You can enter the Weight in kilograms, and the Width, Height and Depth of the item in centimetres for each SKU:


7.  Lastly, if you are VAT Registered, you can set the VAT Rate for each item:


8.  When you're all done, simply click the Create Product button and voilá!  A shiny new variation product is added to your ChannelGrabber inventory!


You can now use this product for Bundles and SKU Mapping, or Add a Listing to your marketplace(s).


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