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CG - Add New Products in Bulk Upload CSV
CG - Add New Products in Bulk Upload CSV

Learn how to upload product data from a spreadsheet to create new products in ChannelGrabber

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We have now released another new feature for the Products page - the ability to bulk add new products into your ChannelGrabber inventory by uploading a CSV data file.

This can really help if you have product data provided from another system or supplier that you want to get into ChannelGrabber, for stock management purposes for example.

1.  Navigate to your main Products page:


2.  Click on the Upload Products button:

3.  A pop-up will appear to tell you the format that your raw data needs to be in, so you will need to create a CSV file with the headers in the exact format and order as the template file provided by ChannelGrabber.

We highly recommend that the first time you do this you can download an example file to make sure your file will be accepted:

In the below example file, I want to create one single product called "My Awesome Single Product" and one variation product called "My Great Variation Product" which has variation options of Size and Colour.  

The Variation Set column acts similarly to what some sellers may know as a "Parent SKU" - it will not be visible in CG, but will be used to group all variations for that product as one set:

You can create as many different Variation Attribute Name columns (like columns E and F in the above example) as you need - simply customise each one with the different names of your variation themes.

Important Note:
The stock quantity should be the quantity available for sale, i.e. the total quantity you have displayed online.


4.  Copy or enter your product data into the example file, carefully following the format and rules as above, and when you're done please be sure to save the file in CSV (Comma delimited) format (and please avoid entering any dots in the filename before the .csv file extension) - this is crucial or the upload will not be accepted:


5.  Back in ChannelGrabber, click the Choose File button from the popup then select your CSV file:


6.  Lastly, click the Upload button to set your data uploading into ChannelGrabber:


And that's it!  Your file will be processed and your products will start to appear on your Products page, ready to be listed out to your channels (see Create a Listing), or used to link with other products to create bundles, kits and multi-packs (see Linked Products: Bundles):


Happy uploading!  :)


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