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CG - Create Linked Products in Bulk
CG - Create Linked Products in Bulk

Learn how to import product links from a spreadsheet to create SKU Mapping and Bundles more efficiently

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ChannelGrabber has supported Linked Products from our very early days, which is where one SKU inherits its stock level from one or more other "component" or "master" SKUs, allowing you to manage stock levels more accurately.

The two main examples of this are:

  • Bundles: where one SKU represents a group of component products that, when grouped together, form a kit or multi-pack  (see guide on Linked Products: Bundles)

  • SKU Mapping: where the same item has been listed with different SKUs so the SKUs need to be linked together to share the same stock level in a 1:1 ratio (see guide on Linked Products: SKU Mapping)


Important Note:
New products cannot be created this way - this process is specifically for linking SKUs of products that already exist in ChannelGrabber.  If the SKUs you want to link do not yet exist in ChannelGrabber, follow our guides on how to:


Export Product Links

You can either start with a blank spreadsheet or you can export any existing products and their links from ChannelGrabber if you already set some up manually, to get an example of how they should be structured in your file:

1.  Navigate to your main Products page:


2.  Click on the Product Link Export button:


3.  You will receive an email to your ChannelGrabber login email address within a few minutes with a link to download your file once it is ready.  The subject of the email will be "Product Link Export Finished".  If it has not arrived within 10 minutes check your spam folder in case it's gone walkabout  ;)

Click the Download File button in the email to access your file:


4.  Open your file and you will have a full list of all of your product SKUs in the "Parent SKU" column.  The ones that have already been linked will then have the component/master product SKUs in a list along the same row as the Parent SKU.

Important terminology:
Parent SKU = The linked product (Bundle or Mapped SKU)
Child SKU = The component or master product(s) that control the stock level of the linked SKU

In the example above, the SKU "BUNDLE-OAK-TABLE-6xBLK-CHAIRS" is the bundle, which is made up from 1x "OAK_TABLE" and 6x "BLK-LEATHER-OAK-CHAIR".

In the ChannelGrabber Products page it looks like this:

5.  Follow this same structure to set up your product links for your own Parent (bundle) SKUs and Child (component) SKUs.  

Remember that the SKUs you are linking need to already exist in ChannelGrabber, either from being imported from your sales channels or by being created in ChannelGrabber.


Product Link Import

6.  Once you have your Linked Products file ready, make sure to save it as CSV (Comma delimited) format.  This is mega-important as it will not process successfully from any other format!

7.  Navigate to your main Products page:


8.  Click on the Product Link Import button:


9.  Click the Choose File button and select your CSV file from your computer, then click the Confirm button to set the file importing: 

You will receive a confirmation pop up to tell you that your file is importing.  The time this takes will vary depending on how many rows of data you have to import.

10.  You will receive an email to your ChannelGrabber login email address once the file has finished importing.  The subject of the email will be "Product Link Import Finished" and it will confirm how many rows were successfully processed:

If any rows were not successfully processed, check the file and make sure your formatting is correct, then you can re-upload the rows that need re-doing.  You won't need to re-upload all rows, only the ones that failed.

The file example shown in step 5 of this guide above looks like this in the ChannelGrabber Products page once processed:

Hovering on the blue link icon will reveal the component/master products that this SKU is linked to and you will see that the bundle has inherited its stock level from the lowest available quantity of the component products:

We hope this guide is useful and if you need any further help with this process, open a chat from within ChannelGrabber (lower right corner of any CG page), email or call our Support Team on +44 (0)161 711 0248.

Happy Linking!  :)

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