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Learn how to set a low stock alert level for your products, sell stock on order, and make it simpler to raise and complete Purchase Orders

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We have now released this new feature, to make it easier to manage and re-order items when their stock levels start running low.

Setting Low Stock Threshold Rules for All Products

If you just want to apply the same default setting and threshold value to all of your products, you can achieve this in Settings > Product Management > Stock:

First, set the Low Stock Threshold toggle from OFF (red) to ON (green) and this will turn this option on, by default, for all products (it can still be turned off per SKU from the main Products page if necessary):

Next, enter your preferred default Threshold Value (when your Available stock level falls below this threshold the product will be considered to have "low stock"):

This will allow ChannelGrabber to automatically include all products that are below their low stock thresholds, on your next Purchase Order, for example:

This can also be used simply as a "low stock report" even if you don't want to use it to raise a purchase order with your supplier(s).

If you do create a purchase order in ChannelGrabber, the system will show you the number of each SKU that is on an open/incomplete Purchase Order on the Stock tab of the Products page under the "Stock on Order" column:


This next step is very important as it affects your stock management...

When you apply a Low Stock Threshold rule to a product, then that product will automatically be added to your Purchase Orders page to make it easier to see which products are running low and need to be re-ordered.  

If you have created a Purchase Order in ChannelGrabber, and expect your supplier to provide more stock for the items you are ordering within a set time-frame, you can then choose if you want ChannelGrabber to automatically add the "stock on order" to your current stock level that is available on your sales channel.  

This technically is going to allow you to deliberately over-sell, but only because you're expecting more stock to arrive from your supplier imminently. 

Decide whether you want to Add Stock on Order to Available Stock by clicking the OFF/ON toggle, then click the Save button to apply your chosen settings:


Setting Low Stock Thresholds and Stock on Order rules per SKU

You can view and edit the Low Stock Threshold figure per individual SKU on the main Products page within the Stock tab:

By default, this mode will be turned off for your products unless you have changed your Stock settings according to the instructions above.

You can enable it for individual SKUs by changing the Low Stock Threshold drop-down to On, and then entering the stock level for the low threshold in the box to the right of the setting from the Products page - this approach is good if you want to have this applied at different levels for different products:


You can also set your preference to Add Stock on Order to Available Stock on a per-SKU basis here too:


Setting Low Stock Thresholds and Reorder Quantity in Bulk

If you have a large number of different products that need to have different Low Stock settings per SKU, you can provide us with these in a CSV spreadsheet and we can then upload them for you in bulk.

You simply need to create a CSV file following the below format:

SKU > Low Stock Mode > Low Stock Threshold > Reorder Quantity

  • If you want a product to appear in your Low Stock Reports/Purchase Orders, you should set the Low Stock Mode in column B to "On"

  • Set the Low Stock Threshold in column C to the quantity below which you consider the item to be low in stock

  • Set the Reorder Quantity to the default amount of the item you would usually want to reorder from your supplier once it's running low

  • If you do not want a product to appear in your Low Stock Reports/Purchase Orders, you should set the Low Stock Mode in column B to "Off" and leave the other columns blank

Once you have prepared your file in the above format, you can send it to our Support Team on or using the in-built chat system, and they will then upload your settings and quantities in bulk for you.

Please see our guide on Purchase Orders to learn how to create a purchase order to send to your supplier, and how to book the stock in once it arrives with just a few clicks.

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