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Learn how to handle your Amazon Custom orders within ChannelGrabber

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ChannelGrabber now supports orders from Amazon Custom - hurrah!  :)

When an order is imported into ChannelGrabber with customisation options from the buyer, we will display a custom icon on the order.  You will first need to add the Customisation column to your Orders table in order to access this.

1.  Navigate to the Orders page:


2.  Click on the cog icon to the top right corner of your Orders table:


3.  Tick the Customisation field to enable the column in the Orders page:

Top Tip:
You can drag the column header left or right to re-position it wherever you want it to appear on the table.

4.  The Customisation icon will display next to all orders, and will highlight to show any orders that do contain customisation options from the Amazon customer:


5.  Click onto the Order ID to open the order breakdown for an order with a customisation icon, and within the Product & Payment Information table you will see the option to Download the Customisation details:


6.  Your file will download in your browser in a ZIP folder.  This will contain a JSON (text) file that can be opened in NotePad (or any similar text programme) to show the order details and the customisation options that the buyer has chosen, and any images that the buyer has uploaded will be included in the ZIP folder too.

We hope this guide is useful to help you get started with Amazon Custom orders, but if you need any further help, please feel free to contact our Support Team on the chat icon (lower right corner on any page of ChannelGrabber), or via email on

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