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Learn how to document the price you paid for an item and import and export Cost Price in bulk

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Due to popular demand, we have now added a field to enable ChannelGrabber users to document the price that you buy an item for.  This means you can enter and cross-check each item's Cost Price with the current stock level and get a "stock on hand" or "stock value" report by exporting your product data from ChannelGrabber.  It also makes it easy to compare at a glance, with the listing price of the item on the sales channels too.

Entering Cost Price in ChannelGrabber

To view and enter cost prices, navigate to your main Products page, then click onto the Details tab/view:

Simply click into the Cost Price field for any item, and you can enter and save the price.  There is no set currency for this field, so you can just enter a decimal value.


Importing & Exporting Cost Price in Bulk

If you prefer working in spreadsheet form, or already have your SKUs and Cost Prices documented outside of ChannelGrabber, then it's even easier to populate the Cost Price in CG, by uploading them from your spreadsheet!

Exporting Cost Price Data from ChannelGrabber

Exporting your SKUs and Cost Prices can be done utilising the Data Exchange in ChannelGrabber:

1) Navigate to Data Exchange > Stock > Templates

2) Create and save a Template consisting of the fields you wish to export (including Cost Price).

3) Navigate to Data Exchange > Stock > Export

4) Select the relevant Template and click Download to download the specified data to a csv file.

A .csv file will then be downloaded via your browser which will contain all SKUs currently in your main Products page.  If you have already manually populated any cost prices as above, then these will be included in the file.  If not, then you will have a blank column in the file for entering the Cost Price into.  

Once you have populated your spreadsheet with the cost prices, please make sure to save the file as a CSV (Comma delimited) format file:

Importing Cost Price data into ChannelGrabber

After creating the export Template as outlined above, exporting the relevant data from the system, and updating the csv file generated, you will be able to import the information back in to the system, updating any missing values.

Note: If you have skipped the export section of this process, you will want to ensure that you have set this up as per steps 1 & 2 in the section above.

1) Navigate to Data Exchange > Stock > Import

2) Choose the file to be imported

3) Select the Template created which tells the system how the fields are mapped on said file. This can be the same Template as created above, if you have not changed the headers in the csv.

4) Select the relevant Stock Action (the system assumes that you are updating stock here).
This can be set to Add to Stock level to ensure that stock is not set to the values in the file. If there is a stock field on your csv, you will want to ensure the values in said fields are zero for this.

5) Click Upload to start importing the data back in to the system.

This should update the cost price field on your products page, with the values entered in the csv file you have uploaded to the system.

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