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CG - Managing eBay Business Policies
CG - Managing eBay Business Policies

Learn how to create and manage your Business Policies on eBay for use when listing to eBay via ChannelGrabber

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If you have existing eBay business policies, (also sometimes known as seller profiles), these can now be utilised a bit like a template when creating an eBay listing in ChannelGrabber.

This is a direction that eBay are actively encouraging their sellers to move into, so if you have not yet explored Business Policies on your eBay account, we recommend you check out this guide from eBay's Help Centre:  Managing Your eBay Business Policies

Downloading and Applying Business Policies when Creating eBay Listings

The first time you access the listing tool, simply click the green "Refresh" arrow to the right of one of the Policy fields and we will import your business policies that are already set up on eBay.

Once your eBay Payment, Return and Shipping Policies are imported, simply select which ones you want to apply to each listing from the drop-down menus:

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