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CG - Linked Orders

Find out more about our Linked Orders feature and how to Unlink orders if you need to process them separately

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Linking Orders

In order to save you time and resources, ChannelGrabber will automatically check all order details for each customer, and if the exact same customer (based on customer name, shipping address, postcode etc) places more than one order with you, and neither order has yet been dispatched, ChannelGrabber will "link" them together.

You will see a blue "linked" icon on each order that has been linked in this way:

Hovering your mouse over the linked icon will show you a list of all orders that are linked to the one you are looking at:


When you create a shipping label for a linked order, ChannelGrabber will automatically combine the linked orders into one label, so that you can save on paper/label resources, and also keep your shipping costs down by shipping fewer separate parcels.

When you print an invoice for these linked orders, there will be one page for each order, but they will print together and show a reference on the invoice table to show that they are linked, for example:
"Order 1 / 2 for customer Clare Cormican"
"Order 2 / 2 for customer Clare Cormican"


Unlink Orders

You may occasionally find yourself with a situation where you do not want the orders to be linked in this way, for example if one order can be shipped sooner than the other, so if you want to revert both orders back so that they can be processed as separate orders, click onto one of the Order IDs to access the full order breakdown:

You will see a number of options that can be applied to the order you are now "inside of", so simply click the Unlink button:

The orders will now be separate and can be processed individually as required:

And there you have it!  A flexible order management feature that gives you full control over how you process multiple orders from the same buyer!  :)

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