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CG - Searching for Archived Orders
CG - Searching for Archived Orders

Learn how to find an order that was previously Archived and Un-Archive an order

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If an order has previously been archived, either automatically or manually, then you will need to use the order filters to include archived orders in your search.

To do this, click the More drop-down menu in the top filter section and tick the Is Archived filter to enable that specific filter:

The Is Archived filter will then be added to the top filter bar on the second row on the left hand side:

Click onto the Is Archived filter drop-down and select from the following:

  • No - only shows orders that are NOT archived (default)

  • Yes - only shows orders that ARE archived

  • Yes and No - shows ALL orders

If you want to add any other filters or search terms do so next, then click the Apply Filters button to show the orders that match your filter criteria:

If you want to un-archive a previously archived order, simply select the order using the tick box and then click the Archive > Un-Archive button:

Learn more about filtering orders in our Filters guide.

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