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CG - Configuring FTP Settings
CG - Configuring FTP Settings

Learn how to connect to FTP servers to host and exchange data files with ChannelGrabber

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If you want to have CSV files imported from and/or exported to an FTP location to update stock levels or export order data, first, navigate to the Data Exchange page from the navigation bar at the top of your ChannelGrabber page:

Click on Accounts > FTP:

  1. First select the Type of the connection:  FTP, FTPS or SFTP

  2. Enter your FTP Username and Password

  3. Enter your Server details

  4. Lastly, set the Port and Initial Directory that you want the files imported from or exported to

  5. Save your account settings by clicking on the tick icon in the Actions column:

  6.  Click the Test Connection button to make sure that ChannelGrabber can make a successful connection with your FTP server:

When the test is successful you can add more FTP accounts as needed, or proceed to begin setting up your import and export rules.

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