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CG - Cancelling a Shipping Label
CG - Cancelling a Shipping Label

Learn how to cancel a courier label that was created in ChannelGrabber

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Important Note:
If you are cancelling a label for a courier like Royal Mail or DPD/DPD Local that requires manifests, the label can only be cancelled if the manifest has not yet been submitted containing that label.  If you have already manifested the order you will need to contact the courier to cancel it.

Cancelling a Label

  1. Select/tick the order(s) with the label(s) you need to cancel

  2. Click the Ship button to re-enter the shipping interface

  3. Select the Courier so that it matches the courier that the original label was created for

  4. Select any Service from the list of options

  5. Continue to the next page

  6. On the second page you will see the label that has been created and can cancel it from there but clicking the Cancel button.  If multiple labels are being cancelled you can click the Cancel All button to do this in bulk

If needed, you can now return to the order and create a new shipping label, or leave the order without a label if necessary.

Here is an example gif for reference using a Royal Mail (OBA) label:

Click the image to open ina  new tab


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