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CG - Add Tracking Carriers and Tracking Numbers from the Orders Table
CG - Add Tracking Carriers and Tracking Numbers from the Orders Table

Learn how to add tracking data to your orders without having to click into every individual order

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You can now set the Shipping Carrier and add Tracking Numbers without having to click into each individual order!  Hurrah!

If you create labels within ChannelGrabber for a connected courier (eg. Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce, MyHermes etc) then the tracking data will still be allocated to the order automatically, but for our users who ship using couriers or shipping aggregators outside of ChannelGrabber, it's now much more efficient to add the tracking data to your orders!

First, if you haven't already, enable the Tracking Info column on your Orders table using the cog button on the top right of the table:

You will then see the carrier and tracking number for any orders that already have them allocated, but for any orders without a label or previously added tracking number, you will have two fields:

  • Carrier drop-down list

  • Tracking Number entry field

Simply select/search for your carrier from the extensive drop-down list first:

Then paste or type the tracking number from your shipping provider and hit the Enter key on your keyboard to save it when finished:

Once done, this tracking info will be automatically fed back to the sales channels once the order is marked as Dispatched in ChannelGrabber.

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