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CG - Create Shipping Rules by Weight
CG - Create Shipping Rules by Weight

Learn how filter your orders by weight (and other criteria) and bulk apply a shipping courier and service to all orders that fit the filter

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ChannelGrabber has two different but complimentary ways of sorting your orders for efficient shipping:

  • Shipping Aliases allow you to map each shipping method from your sales channels to a default courier and service - see the guide here:  Shipping Aliases

  • Order Filters allow you to view orders that only match certain criteria, such as shipping method and/or weight for example.

It is important to remember that filters are used in conjunction with one another. This means that if you use multiple filtering options, an order must fulfil ALL those requirements in order to be shown in the results.

You can Show or Hide filters at any time on the top-right corner of your orders page:

To set your filter criteria, select from the list of filters at the top of the Orders page, and/or enable advanced filters, such as Weight and/or Shipping Method from the More drop-down menu:

Once you have enabled one or more filters from the More menu, these will then appear as new filters on the left side of the second row of the top filter section:


You can set the weight range (in kg) from the drop-down then there is an "Apply Filters" button once you have selected all the required filters, and you can also Save filters for regular use:


If you save a filter, it will be accessible within the Saved Filters section on the left hand pane so it can be applied with one click next time:

Once you have the desired orders showing in the results, you can select them all and click the Ship button:

When you go to Ship the items, if the Shipping Alias has set the item to go via a default courier/service but you need to over-ride it for the group of filtered orders, you will find the Bulk Apply option in the Ship interface (once you have 2 or more couriers connected) which allows you to then decide to apply different courier and service to all orders in the current selection:


Once you have applied the courier and service you want to use to ship all the selected orders, click Continue and process the labels as normal.

You can find more detailed guides on how to crate and print shipping labels here if needed:


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