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CG - Migrating Stock Management from a Classic account to a new ChannelGrabber account
CG - Migrating Stock Management from a Classic account to a new ChannelGrabber account

Learn how to sync stock levels between Classic and CG New, before switching stock control over to CG New and turning Classic off

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If you are in the process of migrating from a ChannelGrabber Classic account to a CG New account and need to know how to have a smooth transition of your stock control, then this guide provides the info you need to know!

Before beginning this process, please ensure you have imported all of your active listings from your sales channels into the main Products page in ChannelGrabber (see our guide on How to Import Products into ChannelGrabber if you haven't done that yet).

Performing a Stock Sync between Classic and CG New

1. In Classic, go to the Products page and click the Download All Products button:

This will produce a CSV file containing all your SKUs and product data:

2. Rename column B from "Title" to "Product Name" and column C from "Quantity" to "Total Stock", then remove all columns after column C. You should be left with a file in the below format, and then save it as a "CSV (Comma delimited)" file:

3. In CG New, navigate to the main Products page, and click the Stock Import button:

4. In the pop-up, set the Stock Action to Set stock level and then click Choose File to upload your classic stock file, then click Confirm to set the file importing:

4. Once the import has completed the system will email you to confirm, and include a list of successfully updated SKUs and a list of items that failed to update - the failed items will usually just be SKUs that exist in Classic that are not in CG New (such as parent SKUs for variation products, which we don't use in CG New, or items that are no longer actively listed etc).

Switching Stock Management from Classic to CG New

5. Once you are satisfied that your stock levels in CG New are accurate, you can return to the Classic Products page and click the Turn Stock Management Off button:

6. Lastly, in CG New, navigate to Settings > Channel Management > Sales Channels and next to each sales channel you will see a Stock Management toggle currently set to OFF. Set each one to ON and confirm the message in the pop-up:

This will trigger a stock push from CG New to overwrite and take control of stock on each sales channel from that point forward.

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