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CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Skipping Products & Orders
CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Skipping Products & Orders
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There are times when scanning a barcode is not an option and you need to take back control of the process. This need not be complicated or time consuming.

This guide will take you through the process of skipping orders and skipping individual products while picking using the barcode scanner.

1. Get Orders

When you are logged into to your barcode scanner software you will see a screen similar to the one above that gives you a wealth of functions for your pick and pack operation.

Click “Get Orders” under the Orders header.

2. Order Method

Click “Next Dispatch” to view the next order waiting in the queue.

3. Skip Product

Navigate to the product you want to skip and click “Skip Product”.

4. Choose Skip Action

There are many reasons why you might need to skip an item. The options below allow you to communicate those reasons back to the system.

1. Item Found is used when you have found the item you wanted to pick, but for whatever reason, you are unable to scan it. For example, the barcode may have been damaged in transit and the scanner is unable to read it.

2. Not Found tells the system you were unable to find the item. Clicking this leaves it as unpicked.

3. Cancel allows you to go back to the previous step without effecting the order.

5. Complete Order

If you clicked “Item Found” you will be brought to this screen.

Click “Complete Order” to continue.

6. PIN code

At Cloud Commerce Pro we understand the need for managerial oversight, which is why there are built in safeguards to ensure if items are being skipped, it requires the manager’s attention in the form of prompting for a PIN code.

7. Packing

After the PIN has been entered you will be asked if you want to process the order from the scanner or send it to your packing station just like it would on a normal dispatch.

8. Order Successfully Dispatched

A box will pop up to confirm your order has been successfully dispatched.

Click “OK” to continue.

9. Approved

A second box will appear to confirm or deny the PIN code.

Click “OK” to finish and load the next order.

Continue reading to learn how to skip an entire order.

10. Skipping An Order

There are times when you find you need to skip an order entirely. Maybe all the items cannot be found or there is some kind of problem meaning you want to put this order to one side to be picked up again later.

Click the “In Progress” tab to continue.

11. Mark Order

Click “Skip Order” to mark the order as skipped.

12. Confirmation

A box will pop up to confirm your actions.

Click “OK” to continue.

13. Locating Skipped Orders

To find the orders you have skipped go back to the home screen and click “Get Orders”.

You will notice the “Skipped Order” button will now have a number next to it to show how many orders have been skipped and are awaiting attention.

Click “Skipped Order” to recall them.

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