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CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Dispatching Orders
CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Dispatching Orders
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This guide will show you how to use your barcode scanner to dispatch orders. An efficient pick and pack system can revolutionise your warehousing system, saving countless man-hours and reducing overheads.

Bear in mind that the functions in the orders section can be customised so what you have may differ slightly from those shown. This is simply meant as an example of one of our most popular setups.

1. Get Orders

When you are logged into to your barcode scanner software you will see a screen similar to the one above that gives you a wealth of functions for your pick and pack operation.

Click “Get Orders” under the Orders header.

2. Order Method

Click “Next Dispatch” to view the next order waiting in the queue.

3. Item Details

The page will open on the “Current” tab which contains important information on the items being ordered.

4. Items Tab

Click the “Items” tab to see a simplified breakdown of the items making up the order. In this example there is only one item, but if there are more they will be listed.

5. Info Tab

The info tab contains information pertaining more to the customer who ordered it.

6. Scanning The Item

Once located, the item can be scanned into the system. After doing so you will be presented with three options:

Scanner – This continues the process on the scanner.

Pack Station – This is the most common usage. The order will be marked as picked and sent to your packing station for further processing.

Cancel – Allows you to go back without marking the item as picked.

7. Order Successfully Dispatched

A box will show to confirm the order has been dispatched.

Click “OK” to continue. The next order will automatically load so you can quickly dispatch as many orders as possible.

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