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CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Adding Stock
CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Adding Stock
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This guide will walk you through the process of adding stock to Cloud Commerce Pro via a barcode scanner. This enables you to efficiently process deliveries and get the items into the system quickly so they can be ready for dispatch.

1. Add Stock

When you are logged into to your barcode scanner software you will see a screen similar to the one above that gives you a wealth of functions for your pick and pack operation.

Click “Add Stock” under the Stock header.

2. Waiting To Scan

The bottom of the software will say “Waiting to scan stock” to indicate it is ready.

3. Scanning a Product

Use your scanner on the barcode of the product you wish to add.

  1. The barcode number of the scanned product will display on the green bar at the bottom to show confirmation.

  2. This box shows the number scanned in this session.

4. Scanning Multiple Products

  1. Keep scanning items in the same manner until you have finished.

  2. Click the “Complete” tab when you are ready to continue.

5. Send Stock

From the complete tab click “Send Stock” to add the stock to Cloud Commerce Pro.

6. Success

Click “OK” to confirm the upload and return to the software home screen ready for the next job.

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