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CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Viewing a Product
CCP - Symbol 3200 Barcode Scanner – Viewing a Product
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This guide will show you how to use your barcode scanner to view a product and bring up the information you have about it. This is a particularly efficient way for warehouse workers to check stock levels of certain items according to the system.

1. View Product

When you are logged into your barcode scanner software you will see a screen similar to the one above that gives you a wealth of functions for your pick and pack operation.

Click “View Product” under the Inspect header.

2. Scan the Barcode

The bottom of the software will say “Please scan the product barcode” to indicate it is ready. Use your scanner on a barcode to continue.

3. Product Information

  1. After scanning a barcode you will see the information tab which contains various important details about the product, such as SKU codes, condition, size etc.

  2. Click the “Stock Locations” tab.

4. Stock Locations

One of the most useful functions of viewing a product is to check your stock levels.

  1. “Current Stock” will show the total amount you have in stock for that item.

  2. If you have bays, they will be shown here as well, but the stock level in each bay will not show if you are using Simple or Simplex warehouse fulfilment option. Customers using Complex will see a value here, but that fulfilment option tends to be reserved for larger scale operations with many bays that need managing.

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