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CCP - Picking, Packing and Barcode Scanning
CCP - Picking, Packing and Barcode Scanning
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An overview of Picking, Packing and Barcode Scanning in Cloud Commerce Pro.

Cloud Commerce Pro is a very powerful and extremely flexible picking and packing solution for your business. All options are included by default in our package. You may need to purchase some equipment to take advantage of certain features.

This document covers some of the possible combinations of picking and packing but if you need other options speak to your project manager for more information.

CCP has both manual picking and packing solutions and four different levels of barcode scanning methods, from very simple to very complex setups. You can use combinations of all these methods.


Pick by individual pick lists

We design an individual pick list or order that can be bulk printed. Just select all your unprinted orders and CCP will print a pick list for each one and mark the order as printed. This solution suits customers who like to pick and then pack separately or also customers who like to pick and pack in the same operation.

Multi Order Pick List

CCP will print all selected orders on to one pick list. In addition a barcode is added that will allow the picker or packer to scan to complete the order.

Multi Product Pick List

CCP will group all orders of the same products together to allow you to pick once to fulfil many orders. This solution usually suits customers who pick and pack separately. You would pick the orders using the multi pick list then return the products to a packing area to be packed (see Pack station below).

Pick by Tablet

Beautiful clear electronic pick lists that allow your operators to pick orders in a paperless warehouse on any electronic tablet device. Just swipe to mark the order as picked.

Pick by Barcode scanner

Using sophisticated barcode scanners and CCP special software we will route you in the most efficient way around your warehouse sending you to the next nearest order to where you are stood. This model will suit a separate pick and pack solution or a customer who wishes to pick and pack using the scanner and generate labels directly from the barcode scanner.


Pack using the general dispatch view

Once the item has been picked you can mark the items as dispatched in the general dispatch view one order at a time. This operation can book in with couriers, advise your sales channel that the goods have been shipped, produce labels, send tracking codes to customers and produce invoices and customer’s paperwork where required.

Pack using the Multi Order Dispatch

As above however rather than processing one order at a time, you can also select multiple orders at once and mark them as dispatched. The operations to advise sales channels, book couriers, produce paperwork etc can be all completed at the same time or split into separate events. For example you may wish to advise the channels of an item dispatch before booking in with a courier.

Pack using the CCP Pack Station

The CCP pack station provides a focused warehouse view, which keeps the emphasis on dispatching items quickly. Many tasks are automated, for example, take an item out of a picking basket and scan it and CCP will bring up the oldest order containing that item ready to dispatch. If it’s the only item on the order, then the auto dispatch process will commence without any interaction and seconds later your labels and documentation will be ready to apply to the parcel.

Types of warehousing barcode scanning we offer

There are many scanning configurations we can provide

Cloud Commerce Pro can provide a variety of barcode scanning options. Speak to your project manager to discuss the best options for you.

Basic Order Completion Scanning

Basic scanning gives you one barcode to scan to mark an order as dispatched. This barcode can also trigger all other functions such as contacting the courier and producing labels.

Simple Barcode Scanning

In this mode you can configure a route that goods are found in your warehouse. Usually you would complete one order at a time and return to the start of the warehouse between orders. You can carry out flexible warehouse counts with this mode.

Simplex Scanning

In this mode we configure products to be located in named bays and the scanners can intelligently tell you which bays the products should reside in and also the next order nearest to where you last picked. This avoids returning to the start of the warehouse between orders and suits picking several orders at once. This is our most popular setting (other than Basic). You can carry out product range level stock takes with this mode.

Complex Scanning

In this mode you scan all products onto shelves and off again. We can tell you at any time how many of each product are on each shelf. If you move goods you must scan them both off the shelf and back onto the next one. This is our most sophisticated mode but also creates an overhead for your staff and high levels of accuracy. You can also carry out bay level stock checks with this mode.

Further Info

We include simple barcode scanning for all subscriptions but complex scanning using the self contained scanners are including in some subscriptions. Speak to your project manager about costs and for the equipment required for scanning (which is not included in your setup or subscription) CCP will provide quotes for the supply of suitable equipment or advise you what to purchase so you can obtain alternative quotes. Two scanner licences are included in your subscription. Additional licences are £20 per month.

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