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CCP - Till EPOS System – Processing Refunds
CCP - Till EPOS System – Processing Refunds
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This guide will take you through processing a refund on the Cloud Commerce Pro till EPOS system.

The CCP EPOS System is a piece of software giving you control over your customer facing business with an intuitive interface that is both powerful and user friendly.

1. Logging In

Choose between normal operator and manager mode depending on who is operating the till.

You will be prompted for the relevant PIN before being allowed to continue.

2. Sales Mode

After logging in you will reach Sales Mode.

Click the “Reverse” tab to continue.

3. Reverse Mode

Reverse Mode controls your refunds and returns.

1. Narrowing The Search – If a customer has a receipt upon returning an item, you can find the date of the transaction from there. Otherwise, you can ask a customer roughly when they made the purchase and check through a list of all transactions between the dates you set.

You can also search via the product’s barcode if known.

2. Local / Cloud – Click one of the the search buttons to start looking for previous transactions.

  • Search Local – This will display all transactions saved on this particular till within the timeframe selected.

  • Search Cloud – This will search any tills you have set up on Cloud Commerce Pro and pull transactions from there. This is a very useful feature as you can process returns easily and accurately even when a customer is returning something from another store.

3. Search Results – The results of your chosen search method are displayed. Use the customers receipt to match the time and date of the transaction if there are a lot of transactions.

4. Reprint – Click “Reprint” for a new copy of the selected transaction’s receipt.

5. Selection – With the required transaction selected, click “OK” to begin processing the return. Alternatively you can double click the transaction.

At this point you will be prompted for the managers PIN regardless of who is using the till. This ensures managers retain proper oversight of all returns made by staff.

4. Refund Window

1. Transaction Items –The individual items from the selected transaction will be listed here.

2. Moving Items – You can select items from the transaction and move them over to the “To Refund” section to prepare them as a return. There are multiple ways this can be done:

  • 1 Item – This moves a single unit of the particular item selected. Use this when a return has an item with a quantity higher than 1, but you do not need to return them all.

  • Group – This will move all units of the item selected. This would be used when returning multiples of the same item.

  • All – This will move all items to be processed as returns.

3. To Refund – Items moved in the above method will appear under the “To Refund” section.

The “All”, “Group” and “1 Item” buttons can be used in the same manner as those above to move things from the “To Refund” section back to “Transaction Items”

4. Return Reason – Select whether the goods being returned are faulty or have been purchased in error. This is an important distinction as goods purchased in error will be added back to your current stock level, but goods returned as faulty would typically not be fit for resale, so they are not reintroduced to stock levels.

5. Accept / Cancel – Once you have all the required items added to the return, click “Accept” to continue or “Cancel” to void the returns process.

5. Payment Type

Select the payment type you require. Your choice will be limited based on how the customer originally paid. So a cash transaction can only be refunded in cash and a card transaction can only be refunded back on to the card. All transactions have the added option of a refund via credit note.

6. Enter Amount

Use the keypad to enter the amount to be refunded to the customer. To quickly issue the full value press “Total”.

To issue a refund via multiple payment types such as part cash, part credit note, enter the first amount into the keypad. After pressing enter you will be taken back to the payment type window ready to select your second payment type.

7. Confirmation

The total to be refunded will be displayed. This gives you one last chance to to void the return by clicking “Cancel”.

Click “Confirm” to finalise the return and go back to the Reverse Mode screen.

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