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CCP - Manually Add New Supplier
CCP - Manually Add New Supplier

Use this guide to add a new supplier to your Cloud Commerce Pro system and set up cost prices on their products.

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This guide will take you through the process of adding a new supplier in Cloud Commerce Pro, as well setting up cost prices on products.

Having details on suppliers allows customers to make purchase orders within Cloud Commerce Pro.

  1. Admin Centre

Click "Suppliers" from the Admin Centre.

2. Supplier List

A list of previously created suppliers will be shown. To add a new one click "Add Supplier".

3. New Supplier Details

Fill in the details of the supplier you wish to add. The majority of the fields are for your reference only, so don't worry if you don't have all the information to hand.

Specifically, "Accounting Nominal Code" is no longer required.

Click "Save" to continue.

4. Supplier Details

From this screen you can add and edit all the details you might require for your supplier.

Click here to edit the details you filled out in the previous step.
Click here to add address and phone information for your supplier (see step 4a).
Click here to add contacts for the supplier (see step 4b).

4a. Address

Enter the address, telephone and fax details of the supplier for future reference.

Click "Save" to confirm your entries.

4b. Contact Details

It is important you add a contact as it is required if you wish to use purchase orders in Cloud Commerce Pro. Also, many suppliers assign account handlers to their customers to ensure they get a more personalised service. If this is the case for your supplier, you can enter contacts here.

Add the details for the contact into the form as shown above. If you are just wanting to add a generic contact for the supplier with no specific name attached, you can put "Administrator" in the name field.

Click "Save" to confirm your entries.

5. Admin Centre

To link products to suppliers and add cost prices, click "Products" from the Admin Centre.

6. Product Range

Find the single product or product range you require either by the alphabetical list or using the search function.

7. Product

This is a product range. As each variation can have a different cost price, you need to add the supplier to each one individually.

Scroll down the page to find the variation you want to add a supplier to and click it to continue.

8. Product Variation

This page shows the various information related to this particular variation of the product.

Click "Add" next to Suppliers to continue.

9. Suppliers

A list will show all the suppliers you have set up. Find the one relevant for the product and add its cost price.

Click "Update" to confirm your choice and then close the window to go back to the summary.

10. Supplier Added

The supplier name and the cost price will now show on the summary for that product variation.

Repeat these steps to add your cost prices to any products necessary.

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