Within the Suppliers section you can remove any Supplier you may no longer deal with or may have created them in error.

NOTE: Before you are able to delete the Supplier you must remove any products that are linked to them.

To do this:

1. Choose a Supplier to delete

From your Admin Centre, click on Suppliers, then choose from your Supplier list on the left (do not click ‘New Order’).

2. Remove any linked Products

If you have any linked Products to this Supplier, you will need to remove these first. In the right column under Product Supplier Links, click Remove.

A pop up panel will confirm the number of products to be removed – click Yes if you wish to continue or No to go back.

3. Remove Supplier

One there are no linked Products, you will get the option to delete the Supplier. Under Remove this Supplier a button will be available – simply click Remove to delete the Supplier.

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