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CCP - Placing Supplier Purchase Orders
CCP - Placing Supplier Purchase Orders
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You can place suppliers Purchase Orders using Cloud Commerce Pro. Using this function has multiple benefits. You can advise a supplier to send stock, it updates the latest cost price in the system, you can check in the stock as it arrives, it automatically updates your inventory and if the product is listed on other channels such as Amazon, eBay or your websites the stock levels will also be updated there.

1. Select Suppliers button

Click on the “Suppliers” button to start the process.

2. Click New Order

Click the “New Order” option next to the supplier you wish to order from. If you can’t find the supplier you wish to order from you need to add it using the “Add Supplier” option.

3. Expand the category

Expand the category of products you wish to order for. You can also chose the “Expand All” option but please be aware if you have many products this could take some time.

You will only see products that are assigned to this supplier in the main products screen. If a product doesn’t appear in here and you think it should visit the product screen and select a supplier from the list and add a cost price.

You can also add suppliers and cost prices on bulk using the Products import function. Ask your project manager for details.

4. Enter a cost price

You can update the cost price by entering a new price in the price field. The price shown initially is the last price you paid to the supplier.

5. Confirm the update

You will be asked to confirm the update and the price will be updated against the product records as the latest price paid. This will be reflected in future reports.

6. Enter a quantity required

Enter a quantity required from the supplier. The line price will be updated to reflect the quantity multiplied by the cost price.

7. Repeat the process

Repeat the process to add more items to the order.

8. Click Save to confirm the order

Click Save to confirm the order, you will be advised of the order number and have an option to view the order. If you wish to send the order immediately click Yes.

9. View the order detail screen

You will see the order detail screen. From here you can:

1. View any order that have triggered items to be added to the purchase order

2. Mark the order as sent

3. View the Log Summary on the Purchase Order

4. Export a CSV of the order

5. Print or email the purchase order

6. Confirm the order as delivered

7. Edit the order to add further items or remove unwanted items. You order can be edited even after it has been sent to the supplier if required

8. Edit the order expected dates

9. Edit the delivery address

10. Edit the address you wish to be invoiced to

11. Edit the conditions section which will be printed on the purchase order

With Order Links, you can see any orders that have triggered items to be added to the purchase order. You can also remove items from the Purchase Order that were added from an order.

Clicking Remove opens up a dialogue box with the options to either Reduce the allocation and remove the amount from the order, Remove allocation only and Cancel removal.

11. Get Logs

Get Logs displays a summary of your Purchase Order actions, such as when items have been added (either manually or by an auto PO rule from an order being generated), when the PO has been marked as sent, delivered in etc. It also shows the date-stamp and which user actioned the update.

12. Press Purchase Order

To proceed to place the order press the “Purchase Order” button.

13. Email or Print your purchase order

You can email the purchase order to the address on stored against the supplier or you can print the order.

After completing your purchase order click the back button to exit.

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