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CCP - Setting Auto Purchase Order at a Specific Quantity
CCP - Setting Auto Purchase Order at a Specific Quantity
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Setting Auto Purchase Order from your supplier

You can set Cloud Commerce Pro to re-order goods from your suppliers automatically using the auto purchase order feature.

To do this you just need to change a setting in your product page or change the settings in the bulk product update file.

Speak to your product manager for further assistance if required.

1. Go to the Products Screen

Click the products button to visit the products screen where you will find all your inventory.

2. Select the Product Range

Choose the product you wish to edit.

You can also click the products export button to extract a full product file and make bulk changes.

3. Select the Product Variation

Choose the product variation you wish to edit.

4. Click edit on the Auto Purchase Order Section

Click edit on the Auto Purchase Order section to open the editor window.

5. Choose the Option You Require

There are several options you can enable in the Auto Purchase Order section. With each of these items with the exception of the Drop Shipping option, Cloud Commerce Pro will automatically add to an open supplier purchase order or start building a new one as required. Purchase orders can also be scheduled to send automatically to suppliers at intervals you require.

  1. Auto if no stock – Adds an item to a purchase at the point your stock runs out.

  2. Always – Adds an item to a purchase order each time you sell one.

  3. At Stock Quantity – Allows you to configure a level with CCP should re-order from your supplier and an amount to re-order.

  4. Dropshipped – The Drop Ship option will automatically email your supplier with detail of customer orders that you wish them to dispatch on your behalf. This option also requires a email template configuring. Speak to your project manager for further help on this option.

6. Select Options and Set Values

If you select the At Stock Quantity option you will need to select the option you require and set the quantity you wish to re-order at. Also set the amount you wish to add to an order when this stock level is reached. This will place an order to bring your stock to the desired level.

When using this mode, if further sales arrive against this item before you send the purchase order then the PO will be adjusted to bring the stock to the desired level. Once you have sent the purchase order a new PO will not be created automatically until the sent one is delivered into the system and marked as completed.

7. Press OK

Press OK to confirm the settings and your Auto Purchase Order configuration is complete for this product.

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