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CCP - Quickly add Purchase Order
CCP - Quickly add Purchase Order
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This guide will take you through the process of quickly adding new purchase orders in Cloud Commerce Pro. Please remember that Cloud Commerce Pro also has an “Auto Purchase Order” feature that is available for all customers. Ask CCP support for assistance on these features.

If you haven’t created a purchase order and you receive a delivery from a supplier this feature allows you to create a PO and book it in straight away.

Once you have finished adding your items, you can complete the delivery which will book the items straight in or just keep the PO open/pending so no items get booked in, and it can be amended at a later date.

To quickly add a Purchase Order:

1. Choose a Supplier

From your Admin Centre, click on Suppliers, then in the resulting page choose from your Supplier list on the left (do not click ‘New Order’).

2. Click ‘Quick Add’

In the Supplier Details, under Pending Orders, click the Quick Add button.

3. Search for Products

In the pop-up box, use the search function to identify which products require adding to the Purchase Order. You can either search for the items by title, SKU or barcode. You can also scan these straight in.

Click Save once you are happy with the selection.

4. Complete the Order

Another pop-up box will appear. Here you can select your preference on proceeding with your order – simply choose to Complete your Delivery, Keep Open for now or return to the previous screen to Amend.

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